Beloved Ones,

Many there are who are feeling uplifted and inspired in one moment and in another, find themselves feeling energetically depleted, tired, sleepy, irritable or downright angry. This can happen even though you had the best of intentions to remain balanced and in equilibrium. During these times, it is best to immediately forgive yourselves and replace the disempowering feelings and thoughts with ones that uplift, inspire and remind you that you are in the midst of the greatest metamorphosis that humanity, the Earth and all her kingdoms have ever experienced and that you have chosen to be a part of it. These are the times when adaptability and greater flexibility are required and most important of all, a greater kindness to self. Observe your inner dialogues and begin to change the harsh judgements that you carry towards yourselves. You are all much kinder to others than you are to yourselves. Become your own best friend, one who is always supportive, nurturing and unconditionally loving. This is what you give to others, why not to yourselves?


An individual is not being selfish by honoring themselves first, for without a healthy love and acceptance of self, you cannot truly serve others. When you are happy and feeling positive about your own shining qualities, it is much easier to recognize the same qualities within others. When events in your lives seem to become overwhelming and hard to deal with in an enlightened manner; that is the very time to stop and take a timeout to do something that brings a smile to your face and laughter within your soul. Do not take yourselves or the situation so seriously, for you know, if you stop to take a moment, that you are an individual who is always doing the very best that you can in every instance. Avoid self- recriminations and self-flagellations, for these habits keep you on a disempowering path. This is something only you can do for yourself and it is an important consideration to keep in mind. Spending quality moments connecting to the true essence of your being helps to reenergize and recharge your entire human auric field in a positive and beneficial way.

It is important to pave the way for new habits and new ways of inter-relating with others that constantly focus on all your good qualities. This is your true essence and the truth of who you are! Give yourselves a chance to shine your beautiful light in those situations that used to steal your divine power from you by the habit of berating yourselves for perceived infractions that in all likelihood are not as bad as you seem to think. Love your selves – your human self and your Divine self, for you are a wonderful integration of both. You came to this planet for this very reason and as you do this, it enables and empowers others to accept and integrate all aspects of their selves also.

If you are finding yourselves feeling stuck and unable to move forward, consider beginning a new project, taking a class of instruction in something you have always wanted to learn or even rearranging the furniture in several rooms in your home. Sometimes this instills the feeling of renewed energy and you will find your creative force flowing with inspiration and manifestation. Have faith and trust in spirit and follow through on the guidance and promptings you receive, for you are being guided to help you move into the perfect place on the path you have chosen. Have faith in your own abilities, the choices you make, in the guidance of your heart; have faith in yourself. Any energy you use for this purpose is energy well implemented, for you are worth it!

We remind you that we of the luminous world are ever with you and always by your side. You are loved and cared for. And it is your love, your caring, that this world so deeply needs. Your love holds healing potential, not only for yourselves but a great many people in your sphere of influence. Claim your power, stand tall, claim the magnificent life you have come here to live. YOU are a powerful, magnificent and incredible soul. It is time to let that truth come into your sphere of influence.



Until next week…
I AM Hilarion
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