Enter: The Sirians

As might be expected, the Lyrans were not the only extraterrestrials interested in Earth in the early days of the human race. Millennia later, Sirians, another group that felt a claim toward Earth, arrived. Sirians were not significantly different from Lyrans in their philosophy and approach toward Earth. Sirians also felt a right—in fact, a duty—to procreate with the developing humanoid species, to lend their own genes to this developing race. There was not much the Lyrans could do about this, since they were not inclined to disallow what they, themselves, promoted. Besides, they had nothing against the Sirians. So, they managed to coexist together for some time and even cooperate in raising and guiding the human race, but not without conflict and not indefinitely.
如同你們所能預想到的,在人類種族的初期時期,天琴星系人並非是唯一對地球感興趣的地球外生命體。幾千年後,另外一組人:天狼星人到來了,他們感受到了對地球的一種權利上的要求(felt a claim toward Earth)。天狼星人他們的哲學以及在對待地球的態度上,與天琴星系人並沒有什麼本質上的不同。天狼星人也感到了一種權力-實際上是一份責任-要與進化中的類人型生物物種之間進行生殖繁育,來提供他們自己的基因給這個進化中的種族。天琴星系人對於這些沒有什麼能反對的,因為他們並不傾向於去拒絕他們自己所發起的事情。並且,他們對於天狼星人的想法也沒有什麼要反對的。所以,他們雙方都設法和平共處了一段時間,甚至在提升和引導人類種族的工作中也進行了合作,但是他們之間並非就沒有衝突,也並非是無限期的合作。

The relationship between these two groups of extraterrestrials and the human race was that of a parent to a child. The human race was far less developed than the Lyrans and the Sirians in every respect: physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, and spiritually. The Lyrans and Sirians created a social hierarchy to oversee the training of their charges, with themselves on top. This was not unreasonable, given the differences in development and numbers. Thus, they orchestrated the human race’s social development; provided them with knowledge about agriculture, astronomy, building construction, mathematics, science, and other subjects necessary to their survival; and taught them philosophical, esoteric, and spiritual truths.

As might be expected, many of the spiritual teachings were misunderstood or purposely distorted by human beings, making their religions vacuous at best and dangerous at worst. Nevertheless, certain spiritual truths managed to survive, in part because Earth was visited periodically by advanced souls such as Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus, who came to remind people of basic spiritual truths.

Many myths, legends, and biblical stories tell of humanity’s early interactions with extraterrestrials. Stories about the gods of Mount Olympus in Greek mythology reflected Lyran and Sirian leadership in that part of the world. Egyptian mythology also reflected the Sirian influence, although what has filtered down is a distorted image of these gods. The Garden of Eden is the story of humanoid creation, with the rib symbolizing the genetic exchange between extraterrestrials and early primates. And the story of Moses and the Ten Commandments and many other prophetic interactions described in the Old Testament were stories of interactions with extraterrestrials. The Old Testament, although often distorted and inaccurate, is an account of people’s remembrances of the moral teachings they received from extraterrestrials, particularly from the Sirians.

Human society, history, culture, religion, and political and philosophical beliefs were all shaped by the extraterrestrials responsible for your creation. How could it be otherwise? They felt a responsibility for what they had created, and they felt compelled to share the knowledge and understanding they had gained in their own evolution. How could they create you and leave you? They felt spiritually responsible for you—and still do. Moreover, they recognize their oneness with you as spiritual beings. In short, they love you. That is why your fate is so important to them. That is why they care whether you suffer or not. Despite how arrogant and self-serving their interventions on Earth may seem, they were not. In serving you, they believed they were serving the Creator. And so they were.










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