God said:

When you are extremely sensitive and tender to nuances, dear ones, do not see yourselves as lifted high above the crowd.Your sensitivity is not a raised flag in salute to you.Your sensitivity may be nothing to make you proud.Consider your sensitivity more like a rash.

By all means, wear lace and ruffles—that's lovely—wear what gives you Joy—yet in terms of your interaction with the world and your response to it, wear hardy denim and no longer sensitivity on your sleeve.In relation to yourself, your sensitivity isn't a badge of honor.

No longer boo-hoo about how Life and people treat you.How people treat you has to do with themselves and is not all that much about you, even if both you and the other party habitually think so.You tend to be all about you.Truly, if someone doesn't like you and is rude to you, it's about them and not about you at all.Dear Ones, it doesn't behoove you to take offense.

From this day forth, take nothing personally.In this way you will no longer perceive affronts.You will be smooth satin and ruffled not at all.You will not entrap yourself.At present, you may prefer to notice affront and be ruffled.

Affront may be to you what coffee is for many.You may drink coffee because drinking coffee stirs you up.No longer rely on affronts to stir you awake.Have a longer view of Life.Attend to what you are feeling in a different sense.What you think about your life matters.What others may or may not think isn't meant to be your difficulty.What others think belongs to them and not to you.Their thoughts are up to them.Give your concern a chance to settle down before you presume to raise your blood pressure.

When all is said and done, there are no opponents.It certainly isn't My desire that you turn yourself into an opponent.See bigger.Raise your vibration.Do not respond with outrage.Go play badminton or ping pong or walk it off.

The world says:"Don't burn your bridges." This time the world is absolutely right.

The world also says to express yourself and not to repress yourself.Perhaps wait to express yourself, if you must, until you settle down.Wait until you don't feel so disheartened as you felt at first.Keep Heart and mind open.

Sometimes, you may read what someone wrote to you in an email.You are fit to be tied.You have, on occasion, read your email again later to find that you hadn't read the letter carefully.Hasn't this happened to you? You may have read your email too fast and missed what the writer had really said to you.You may have been in haste to take offense.In any case, you misread what was there.You fumbled the ball.

Be sure that you, as a receiver of words, written or spoken, share a responsibility to communicate first by listening.Listen, and you may not take so much amiss.Don't keep the fires burning within you.Don't start them in the first place.

I, God, think the world of you, regardless of any guilt you may carry on your shoulders.You may have had practice in not being given credit.You may be quick to pounce, for you are not going to allow anyone to discredit you.

You deserve peace and comfort, and it is My desire—My Will —that you have it.No longer get fraught by what someone else thinks, anyway.Care more about Me and care more about yourself and what We think.

Mind Me, beloveds, and not struggle so much for wholehearted acceptance from others.Accept yourself.



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