God said:

Wait until you find yourself calm and content without a fear in the world.

I don"t mean for you to wait exactly. I mean rather to express:

Won"t you be overjoyed when your internal eternal Day of Peace comes to you, and you know calm, even serenity. Certainly, you will simply know peace.  Certainly, you will not be in a frenzy about anything.

Yes, wow, look at all the emptiness of fullness you will have. There will be no time getting in your way. Space will be blank. Matter will not overwhelm you. You will be totally and infinitely settled with Me. We will be forever in Unison as We sing the Song of Life and create Odes to Life for the joy of it.

What a difference your life will make when you recognize Our Union. In Unity, there is nothing to take care of but to live life and love Life as it appears. Yes, let"s sing an Ode to Life, for Life is Magnificent, and you and I make up One Magnificent Life. We are not just a part of life, but the whole of it. We are Life Itself. We are Life.

You win in the Lottery of Life. You win for all. You cannot win the lottery just for yourself, for you share Life like air. There is no withholding from others. You will come to know others as your Self. You will live Oneness. You will know only how to create a Paradise, and no less. There is no reason on Earth why you would want to create less than a Paradise.

You have had enough of less. You have had enough pain, and you have seen enough pain. You have not yet had and seen enough joy. You have looked around corners, expecting one kind of pain or another to be stalking you.
你體驗了足夠的匱乏,和痛苦,看到了太多的傷痛,卻還未擁有和看到過十足的歡樂。你四處尋覓, 似乎在期待這樣或那樣的痛會靠近你。

You begin to see and experience Life from another level and another angle. Oneness leaves no room for selfishness. This is your ego We are talking about, not ego in general. When you feel overlooked, you pull out the guns of ego. In Oneness, you see blessings all way around. In love, immersed in Vastness, who would even think of wasting life in pettiness? Viva Vastness! Viva the One Heart in the world.

When you know Oneness, you cannot even imagine abandonment of any kind. You cannot imagine loss, for ownership is not a concept you grasp any longer. You are already rich. All is free. All is shared. There is no not sharing. There is only One Heartbeat. You cannot unshare that which is already shared. You come to a state where love cannot be taken out of any equation. That All Are One is not disputed. When the whole pie is yours anyway, what need do you have to want someone else"s slice?

The whole world is yours. Rather, the whole Universe is yours. You are a High Star who has come to Earth to light it. This is the true story of your Life. All the imagined striving is fiction-filled. Friction-filled as well, just a diversion from the main theme of Life – your Life.

Yet there is no "your" Life, for the Truth of Life is Oneness. There is no other train track to run on. For a while, you imagine there is. For a while you stir the paint around and forget the picture you came here to paint. You get caught up in tomfoolery until you recall what you are really here for. Then you make up for lost time. But, of course, there is no time, so you haven"t really lost it.

You live on more than one level even when the idea that you are a star come to light the Earth has temporarily flown from your mind. What is buried, you can dig up. You will recall your purpose here, and you will join all hearts and souls and love them as yourself which now means as My Self before you.







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