Beloved Ones,

Although most of you have done the work of spiritually aligning yourselves to the higher dimensional perspective, there is still much that is coming up from your cellular memories to be acknowledged and released. It is a matter of understanding what is occurring as that helps to more quickly allow all that surfaces to be released without becoming engaged yet again in the emotional and mental turbulence. It is like wringing out a sponge that still has a bit of moisture left in it so that it needs a few final squeezes. By now you all have an arsenal of tools and techniques that you have accumulated to help you move through with relative grace and ease. You have what it takes to get through this. If you feel you need further help, then it is necessary to find a practitioner who can give you the assistance you require. There are many people well qualified to help you through this. Ask your spiritual guides to lead you to the ones who are right for your particular circumstance.


The outer world you live on is changing rapidly although your news media would have you believe otherwise. The power struggles between leaders in many countries of the world is a sign that the system and structures that have been in place for a very long time are now in need of radical change. Many foresee that it requires a new way of looking at things and new ways of accomplishing what needs to be changed but there are still those who stubbornly hold on to the power structures that have been established. The people of the world are no longer in ignorance of the widespread misuse of power in those who lead them and have begun to put their leaders under a microscope. The writing is on the wall for these ones, adapt and change what does not work or step aside. The rumblings are becoming louder in their spheres of influence.

As with all change, it comes about through friction and resistance. What humanity needs to realize is that they must work together to address the many challenges the world they live on is presenting. It requires the input of all good and sincere people. There are those who work with the grids of the Earth, there are those who have ability to bring healing and stability to various areas of the planet, there are those in the scientific community who are working on solutions to the many challenges that are required to be met. There are those in the economic sector who are endeavouring to create a more equitable economic system for all. There are those in the medical professions who need to truly meet the needs of their people instead of feeding the structures of the pharmaceutical companies. They need to allow their people to choose alternate and more natural options for their health issues. In every sector of society, there is a need to let go of self interest and start working for the highest good of all.

As these structures are realigned to a higher principle and concept of working for the highest good of all upon the planet, the beneficial outcomes for all citizens of the world will create a more stable and peaceful environment. When the basic needs of all of Earth』s citizens are met and the way forward is established through transparent communication and sincere and honest cooperation between all peoples and structures of the world, then life as they have known it will truly change for the better. The element of fear and suspicion in all human hearts will be eradicated and a more joyous and harmonious interaction between all peoples of the world will bring about tremendous and positive transformations.

It behooves ones such as the lightworkers and others of good heart and intent who are not familiar with this term of reference, to continue to visualize, intend and give strength and power to that which you earnestly want and desire to see manifest upon your planet. This is the focus that is asked of those who are aware and awake to the incredible opportunity that is before all of humanity in this moment of now. As the people of the world let go of all self centered desires from within themselves and see the entirety of the world at large as part of themselves, it allows the higher aspects of their divinity to come shining through. When humanity feels the call to be of greater service to each other, this will open up a grander experience of universal proportions.



Until next week…
I AM Hilarion
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