Because this kind of world unity is now critical to the servers' goals, self-servers are trying to undermine the move toward a world government by saying this is part of the Anti-Christ's plan. What better way to stop the servers than to link the Anti-Christ (and all this has come to mean) to the positive and natural course for the world today? The last thing self-servers want is world unity around democratic and humane values. They are well aware of the potential for good this holds. They know that world unification is key to creating a new world order in the most positive sense. They are using fear in the form of stories about the Anti-Christ to slow progress toward world unity. Many servers have bought their message of fear and are being manipulated by this to undermine the creation of a better world.


The self-servers have been very busy spreading fearful stories about what is to come. They want people to believe that the Dark Forces are very powerful and that the Earth is on an inevitable course of destruction. If people believe this, they are likely to either withdraw from the world, seek satisfaction in pleasures, or preach about the end of the world, but they are unlikely to take constructive action for change. That is what the self-servers want. They don't want you to transform yourselves or the planet; they want you to believe that it is too late for that. Beware of anyone with a message like that. And beware of anyone whose message evokes fear, hopelessness, and despair. These are the weapons of self-servers.

The self-servers have constructed a story of conspiracy that has been spread and repeated so many times that it has taken on a life of its own. The story claims that a few bankers and industrialists have been controlling world affairs covertly for generations. What better way to lead people to believe that their lives are not their own nor their governments responsive to them? What better way to breed fear, hopelessness, and distrust of government? By undermining the people's trust in government, the hope is that people will disengage themselves from politics and their responsibilities as citizens. This would leave government to the self-servers in power. They would like nothing more than to be left alone to play their power games. Fortunately, as apparent from the 1992 presidential election campaign, most people are not apathetic, and grassroots movements are more alive than ever. Fortunately, the conspiracy theory has only taken root in a minority of minds.

Much of the information about conspiracy has come from channels and psychics who have served as vehicles for the self-servers without realizing it. The same story is being repeated to various channels and psychics, so it appears to have some credibility. After all, the more something is repeated, the more believable it becomes. So, a story that started out as unbelievable has become believable to many, even some very discriminating people.

One reason even some highly educated people have become convinced of a conspiracy and other falsehoods is that self-servers have other ways (besides through channels and psychics) to persuade people of these ideas. Ideas can be implanted through dreams and intuition, and memories can even be created. These are some of the activities in which nonphysical self-servers are engaged, while many incarnate self-servers as well as servers are being used as vehicles for these ideas.

Discerning truth from fiction is difficult with the intellect alone. Besides, self-servers are very clever; they can easily outsmart people intellectually. To discern truth from fiction, intuition is needed. Discernment will become much easier in the future when the vibration of the planet has increased. There will still be self-servers then, but they will not be heeded or given power as they are now.











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