Not everyone is equally intuitive, and even those who are, are sometimes swayed by their own issues and opinions. Some take pleasure in the idea of conspiracy because it confirms their belief that evil prevails in the world. Those who are unhappy may find some comfort in this belief because it takes the responsibility off of them to find happiness. After all, who can be happy in a world overrun by evil? Others like the drama and intrigue of a conspiracy. Others use it as an excuse to complain, without doing anything to change things. Complaining is much easier than fighting for what is right. Besides, how can you fight a hidden enemy like the conspirators? They have been carrying on for decades with impunity. They must be very clever and powerful— probably omnipotent by now (or so the argument goes). 


All of this must seem confusing to you, and it is. That is the point. The self-servers are creating so many stories through channels in particular that it is hard to know what to believe. As many falsehoods as truths are coming through channels today. Most of them are unsuspecting servers who have given themselves over to a message that they believe has importance. They feel a duty to convey what they are receiving to others. This sense of duty is present in all channels, whether they are serving the servers or not. So, this cannot be the measure of whether something is true or not. Just because a channel feels a strong commitment to channeling something doesn't give it validity. So, how can you tell truth from fiction?

The first question to ask after hearing or reading about something is how it makes you feel. We are not talking about whether it makes you happy or sad, but how it makes you feel inside. Do you feel a sick or sinking feeling upon hearing it? Do you feel afraid, hopeless, despairing, powerless? These are signs that the information is coming from a negative source.

Even messages of warning from positive sources will not convey a sense of hopelessness. They leave you feeling that you can do something to change the outcome if you don't like it. What, after all, would be the purpose of any message of doom if you could do nothing about it? Servers don't give people messages about things they can't do anything about, only about things they can.

Self-servers, on the other hand, offer messages about things you can do nothing about. They may even tell you what to do to avert it, but that would never be enough. You sense this and end up feeling fearful and powerless. For example, a story is circulating of an invasion of the Reptilians, a seven-foot Reptile-like race of extraterrestrials. They are said to be landing by the millions soon. Those who received this message were told to surround the Earth with Light, in defense of themselves.

We don't deny the value of surrounding the planet with Light, but people have been doing this for years. Is it reasonable to conclude that this could stop such an invasion? Even if it could, could you count on enough people doing this? It is useful to question why this information was given. Extraterrestrial servers would not give information like this because it would serve no purpose; it would only instill fear. But instilling fear is exactly what the self-servers want.











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