There is great wisdom on your spiritual path

Seek out growth and expansion as all gifts are given equally and without discrimination. It is important to see the gift and the wisdom from your experiences as that is how you grow. The path of spiritual growth is not always an easy one as you often see things that others don't and it can be a challenge to stand in the blended way between calm and following your passion,while the world around seems filled with chaos,disorder,and falling apart as it too finds its balance.

When you are able to keep a balanced perspective with respect to the practical and spiritual aspects of your life,it is easier to stay focused. Use purple amethyst to help you unlock and unblock your secrets within and spend time studying and meditating upon your spiritual beliefs and expansion,the spiritual laws and how they can work for you to help you on your journey as this will help you create the shifts you desire for yourself and your life. Wearing the colour violet can also assist you with this unfolding.

Affirmation: "As I shift my perspective and develop and utilize the spiritual aspects,I begin to move forward and see in the development and expansion in all the areas of my life."

And so it is

You are dearly loved and supported,always,the angels and guides



通靈:Sharon Taphorn
翻譯:Nick Chan





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