Begin the process of Creation

It is time for you to start creating new things,ideas,relationships or opportunities to feed yourself and your soul's desire for expansion. Take some time and contemplate your goals and your plans and see if you have all of the ingredients to begin your next creation. Or,perhaps it is time to spice things up and take your current plans to a new level and think even bigger.

Regardless where you are at,what is most important here is that you feel confident in yourself enough to take those next steps or is there something more that you need to work on to bring you to that level of trust in yourself and the Universe to take that leap of faith and know that things will turn out just fine or even better as it is always as you have 'planned'.

If you are feeling stuck and want to gain some clarity,employ some of the techniques of feng-shui and clean up your environment by removing clutter,dusting and cleaning,and giving away items you no longer need or use. Particularly clean your kitchens and your stoves as this will help you get things moving and lighten up your load.

It is time to spice up your life,to add variety to your life and trust that you are supported and not alone. Ask for assistance and then be observant of the signs to guide you and trust that it is so.

And so it is

You are dearly loved and supported,always,the angels and guides



通靈:Sharon Taphorn
翻譯:Nick Chan





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