Beloved Lights of Earth—beloved People of Earth—we welcome you in the name of love and light in the eternal All-Oneness of Being Creator-Being.We are the Sirius Siblings and we are delighted—to be able to come through our vibration in contact with you—here and now on your level of perception through these words.At lot is going on at this earth time and the levels of dimensions coming more closer—coming nearer and melting into one.So do your time lines—that you experience on an individual and planetary level and at the same time you recognize clearer your creations—your thoughts and words and the power that lies within.

The power—that vibrate in your thoughts and words—is not restricted—only through your imagination and here we are back to the heart of the matter—within the ascension process on earth and in the whole cosmos. Your belief and your inner internalized believe programs—that are always with you and manipulate you.If you look and feel into yourselves and come to peace—you see how powerful you are and how your thoughts and intentions manipulate your live and make you—what you are.

The level of spirit—consciousness—has no limitations—everything is possible here and over the amount of various incarnations many of you have forgotten this concept—but now—as the awakening is expanding further—your memories come to mind of the perfection and solidarity to all that live.

Be patient with yourselves and with your brethren—beloved lights of Earth—everybody is on his way and each of you is endlessly valued and loved—because there is only the ONE—that exists in Everything.

The essence of God—the love exists in everything—even if it is not always directly obvious in your perceptual field.See and feel deeply in yourselves—what this word mean for you—because thus you are—WE ARE connected with each other through the bond of love—of light and of peace and if you have peace in yourselves—so peace will be in the outside.Your souls are longing for that state—for harmony—simply for love—unconditional love—as it is performed ceaselessly by the source.

We thank you for your cooperation—doing and being.We are the Sirius Siblings—your sisters and brothers of the stars.

In Love,Joy and Unity...Shogun Amona
處於愛,喜悅和聯合中...Shogun Amona



英文翻譯 PetraSt
中文翻譯 U2覺醒








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