「Shut up and get to the Subterranean Stories!」

A few of us have heard that comment.We never went underground.We had open contact with them as they came to the surface.Why don"t more individuals have more contact? Or why isn"t there more interaction on a social level ?

There are many reasons.One of them is the fact that a relatively small percentage are doing anything to raise standards of living worldwide.Agarthans and other advanced civilisations look for people with an ability to create new timelines.When you say"Let's skip this grassroots garbage and get to the real stuff,"you"re sealing your fate,for one day,at least.There are detection systems for subterranean types when they come to the surface.Why would they risk their lives for a society that won"t help themselves?

INTERVIEW - October 26 th,2014
線上 訪問—2014 年 10 月 26 日

Untwine: How many different Agarthans have you had contact with ?
Untwine: 你與多少不同的地心人有過接觸?

Central: Difficult question.From the first day you"re taught not to ask questions about where they"re from.
Central: 這是一個難答的問題。從第一天見面起他們就教你不要問他們是從哪裡來的。

We bumped into different groups:

1)Surface born people who were working on permission to physically go.

2)Surface borns who could astrally go to other places.

3)Surface borns who had permission to physically visit subterranean cities.

4)Subterraneans who were up here on extended missions.

5)Subterraneans who could come and go as they wanted.

There might have been other subgroups.There were other complex rules,such as people who once had permission to go but were kicked out,or people that had permission to visit different civilizations.My teacher said 「There are as many visa laws there as there are here,if not more.

BTW.You will bump into all these different groups in your own daily life.So will everyone else,they just won"t know it .

So the short answer is.I don"t know.I also have to be vague on identities to protect people's privacy.There's no actual danger,it's just a respect thing.I"m still figuring out how to tell these stories without getting anyone into trouble.

Untwine: How often were you meeting them ?

Central: From sitting in their cafes for hours at a time over a period of weeks...To months with no contact.I"d say I easily spent hundreds of hours with these networks.Probably over a thousand.I have pages and pages of stories.You can remember a two minute meeting for the rest of your life.Sometimes their energy would be so intense that you would break out in a cold sweat just sitting around them.Sometimes they couldn"t deal with our energy...Other times you click perfectly.They are older than us and can live for many,many years.

I mainly had contact with surface borns who had some sort of travel permission.These are the most interesting group,because they"re going through the same challenges as us.

Untwine: If I understood well,they mostly couldn"t talk with you about other things than your grassroots tech project ?
Untwine: 根據我深切地理解,除了你的基層科技項目外,他們大多不能跟你談論其他的事情對嗎?

Central: Not 100 per cent.The only real banned topic was what went on in the subterranean world.Only my first teacher talked about that,and then he"d be circumspect about what he"d say.He would scan the sky before answering any question sometimes.As if he was wondering if he had permission to say anything.You couldn"t say the names of the cities or networks,you couldn"t mention names of "rival" meditation groups.
Central: 不是100%不能。真正被禁止的話題是正在地下世界發生的事情。只是我的啟蒙老師有談到,然後他會檢查他說過的話。在回答任何問題之前有時他會掃瞄天空。好像他不知道他是否有權發言。你不能提到城市或群組的名稱,你不能提及 "對手" 冥想團體的名稱。

You couldn"t ever say anything about where you were going,and if you even thought about it sometimes they would say "now you"re focussing on the target."...Annoying,in a way.Imagine preparing to go to university in South America,and all questions about South American geography,history,politics etc are strictly banned,

They let plenty of info out,but at their own pace.

Coming from the western internet,where these materials are widely propagated,it's difficult to be thrown into a world where half a whisper can get you in hot water.Like I said,people got broken legs and smashed teeth for even talking to us.It wasn"t cute or funny.

I wanted to say: "If it's so secret why are you spamming it all over the net?" but that would"ve got me into even more trouble.
我想要說的是:"既然它是如此機密,為什麼網站裡充滿那些有關的垃圾郵件? "但那會使我陷入更多的麻煩。

Untwine: Why do you think the contact stopped in 2013 ?
你認為為什麼在 2013 年聯繫中止了呢?

Central: Right now,I"m healthy,I know what I have to do.There's no need for any more contact for now.2009-2011 was an emergency period because we were clueless,and under heavy attack on all sides.The idea is not to run around craving contact,but to break the embargo up here.
Central: 如今,我很健康,我知道該怎麼做。還有現在不需要任何更多的接觸。2009-2011 年是緊急時期,因為當時我們茫無頭緒,而且遭到各方面猛烈的襲擊。主要的任務不是到處亂跑尋求接觸,而是要在此地打破通行地下的封鎖。

Untwine: There were other people,friends of yours who got contacted as well yes ? How many of them ? Were you all contacted together ? Are you still in contact with them ?
Untwine:有沒有其他人,如你的朋友們也跟他們有聯繫嗎? 他們有多少人呢?你們都在一起接觸嗎? 你仍然跟他們有聯繫嗎?

Central: Can"t answer these questions but there were a lot of us.Yes,some of us are still in contact on FB.Day to day contact is normal in some Asian countries.So even the word "contact" is a little overblown.
Central:不能全面地回答這些問題,不過我們人確是眾多。是的,我們有些人仍在臉書上有保持聯繫。在一些亞洲國家,每天的接觸是正常的。因此,即使 "接觸" 這詞是有點誇大其辭。

It's not like they came out of a silver saucer when we were doing a ceremony.They sit around in cafes and street corners all the time.If you recognize their signature you can spot them.

But if you think about their place too much you"ll annoy them and the door will shut even tighter.They are highly sensitive to energy and most of them can read thoughts.

I had a friend on one island who seemed to be able to call them up whenever she felt like it.

Untwine: Were you aware of Agartha,ET presence,etc,before your contact ?

Central: Yes,for just under 2 years we"d been researching Subterranean societies.Near obsessively in the first half of 2008.Then,summer 2008,we realized that there was no chance of physically going into Subterranean layers of earth, and the door was locked for unknown reasons.So we cooled off the reading and got on with work and daily life....We didn"t get full contact until December 2009.
Central:有,已經有 2 年的時間我們一直在研究地下社會。在 2008 前半年幾近癡迷,然後在 2008 年上半年夏天,我們意識到沒有機會以實體走進地心世界,而且為了未知的原因門戶被上鎖。所以我們安靜下來閱讀,繼續工作與日常生活...直到 2009 年 12 月,我們都沒有得到全面接觸。

Untwine:You got permission to speak in August 2014,do you feel you can share everything you know now or just some parts ?
Untwine:你被允許在 2014 年 8 月發言,你覺得你可以分享一切你現在知道的或只是一部分呢?

Central: Just some parts.I"m actually writing a sanitised version of real events.More will leak out as the embargo loosens up and info becomes public.That's one reason we"re writing this book in stages.

I"ll definitely change people's names.Sometimes I feel that even referring to someone under a pseudonym is still kind of an infringement on their privacy.They are tough but also highly aware,so I even have to be careful about letting anyone get a vague lock on some of the masters I met .

I"m still working out how to do this.

Untwine: Many people who start to awaken do not have any motivation to do anything and wait to be saved,mostly because our free will is so infringed upon.Have the Agarthans talked about this,in regards to your supermarket project,how we need to be active in our liberation ?

Central: They were insistent that we work out our own problems.They gave advice but never forced anything.It seems their hands were tied in a strange way that's difficult to describe.It goes beyond simple non-interference protocols.They were like football managers who could only shout from the sidelines.They seemed to tiptoe around our free will a lot.There was a strange tension and we never worked out why until later,now the information about behind the scenes threats and the hostage situation became clearer.

One point to clarify: They never turned up and handed us pages of information about grassroots technology.They never sat there and demonstrated devices in front of us.The writing is *entirely* our own compilation of all the excellent researchers out there.We had contact off the back of that writing.

My own observation is people are sitting passively waiting for a drip feed of "intel" when they have all the information they need.Water,food,medicine and other problems have been solved by individual pioneers.The problem is critical mass hasn"t been reached.It's coming,but it's not there yet.

Remember(if the history on the net is true)they are connected to a network that predates any other civilization on Earth by hundreds of thousands of years:

Sharula Dux:"When Lemuria,which went down first,almost 200 years before Atlantis sunk,they petitioned the Agharta Network.The Agharta Network is a network of subterranean cities that is guided by a city called Shambhala the Lesser(to distinguish it from Shambhala the Greater which is the etheric Shambhala over the Gobi Desert.)
「當列穆裡亞,比亞特蘭蒂斯文明早 200 年沉沒時,他們向地心網絡求助。地心網絡是一個地下城市的網絡,是在一個城市叫小香巴拉統領下(以區別於戈壁沙漠上空,在乙太層的大香巴拉。)」

Shambhala the Lesser was created when the continent of Hyperborea was vacated after Earth lost her mantle and the planet started receiving radioactive waves that they had not been victim to in the earlier times.So they started building subterranean cities over a 100,000 years ago.

When Atlantis and Lemuria petitioned to build subterranean cities themselves and to be accepted into the Aghartian Network,they had to prove to Shambhala the Lesser that they had learned the lessons of oppression,that they had learned the lessons of war.And they also had to prove it to many other agencies,such as the Confederation,which we will go into a little later."

So we"re going with a two pronged method for now:

1)Grassroots liberation.

2)Etheric liberation.

When you read the online discussions,both groups tend to look down their noses at each other.The grassroots side think the meditators are airy fairy,the meditators think getting their hands dirty is "beneath them".Not everyone's like this,but there are big myths keeping both groups from co-operating more.

This two-way snobbery is one of the reasons that liberation has dragged on.

We"re multi-dimensional beings.

Untwine: Were all the 5 groups you mentioned well-intended towards humanity ?

Central: Again,big question.

Just like saying: Are Americans well intended towards Africans? The *majority* of those I talked to face to face were on our side.The ones I spent any significant time with were on our side.But I spent most time with the surface born diplomats.Pretty much people like you and I,who"d gone through training.
就像說:美國人對非洲人意圖良好嗎?* 多數 *的那些與我面對面交談過的都站在我們一邊。那些與我花了夠久的時間在一起的是在我們這一邊。但我花了大部分時間與地表面出生的外交官來往。其中有很多就像你和我一樣,都已經通過培訓。

The first group I met in Macau were not on our side at all.

*Im listening to this*

You can listen to if you want to get on the same page.







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