Beloved Ones,There is much growth taking place as people revisit the events in their past and make peace with them.Others have experienced drastic life changes due to unforeseen circumstances that came upon them suddenly which have left them with no homes or resources and they are now trying to deal with the after effects of the devastation that occurred.They literally must start at the beginning and create their lives anew.They are finding ways to reach out to each other to share their feelings in order that they may heal from the trauma they have been through.Through this mutual support, they are moving forward.

These ones are being assisted by the compassionate people of their country and indeed, other countries, as the world rallies in unity to assist in any way they can.Many people in their country from other cities and towns have volunteered to go to the area of devastation and begin the daunting task of cleaning up the debris in order to allow a new foundation to take place.Other groups of people are being formed as clean up crews for the homes that are left standing, for these too, must be cleaned and made ready for habitation again.

Humanity has responded with love in their hearts and kind generosity.The Lightworkers of the world have unified in sending their prayers and calming energies to the area of concern.Love in all its facets makes its presence known to those who are in need.The process of healing now begins to take place within everyone whose lives were touched and changed by the great cleansing that occurred.Those that have been affected are surrounded by the love and assistance of the spiritual dimensions.As their lives are rebuilt, they will remember the kindness given to them in their times of need and will endeavour to "pay it forward"by giving to others at every opportunity that comes before them.

This is the power of love in action and the way forward for all of humanity.When people move beyond self interest and allow compassion to flow through their hearts and their spirit, they are allowing the Divine to be in the world with them.When the Divine moves its influence in the world, positive and peaceful changes can take place.Everyone has a vital spark of the Divine within them and it is this spark that is now igniting within the hearts of the people throughout the world and this spark will catch fire as it spreads its radiance across the planet.The world and its people are being renewed, rejuvenated and regenerated.

As life is reduced to its simplest form, people reconnect to the wonder and magic of it in all its splendour.Their experience of it becomes a magnificent journey of infinite possibilities and they thrive in the joy this simplicity returns to them.Laughter and good humour abounds and this attracts even greater possibilities, for the thoughts they hold within them are manifesting a greater supply of all that the abundant universe offers.





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