Celery will have a very,very strong purgative effect upon the system and thus it should be avoided during pregnancy.The celery juice will act as a cleansing system for all portions,glandular and digestive,of the body,endocrine,lymph and so forth.Very beneficial in terms of the idea being created that you call disease cancer,in the sense of allowing the system to clean the cells that will allow themselves to be removed.What you term to be meat should be taken sparingly.Maybe enjoyed from time to time,but not ingested in great quantity.


Cranberry will be highly beneficial for the idea of flushing and elimination,particularly of the area you call the kidney.There will be a balancing,in this way,of energy systems with the celery.

You will find that carrot will add tonality to your system and in this way also will bring in certain of the mineral vitamin contents required for the balance of what you call mood,disposition.

In this way what you term to be mushroom will provide you with a great deal of mineral content for similar balance within your system.Also regulatory of the temperature system itself within your body.There will be,what you term to be,high content of certain type of chemical interactions that are beneficial for processing of systems in your body through what you term to be yellow squash corn will create a different kind of balancing that actually connects into,not only the idea of pineal centers,but also the idea of your entire chakra system and your acupuncture points







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