Bashar prepares us for the upcoming changes in the fall of 2016,the idea of disclosure of the existence of extra-terrestrials and eventual first contact with another civilization! "The Precursors" are intermediary beings that are here to aid in this transition.Join us in the heart of New York City for this rare opportunity to see Bashar on the East Coast for the first time in five years!



we have talked about the idea that your earth is in the process of becoming what we turn the sixth hybrid race

and we have talked about the idea of open contact and the windows of probability for that

and we have discussed the idea that the hybridization agenda has entered a new phase

so we will now add a new element of information to the new phase of hybridization which is acclimatization to your world

so that eventually hybrids will be capable of living among you

but before that happens there is a special and particular group of human genetically altered human hybrids that

we refer to as the precursors who perform a very specific function of contact by walking among you

and gauging the reactions to what people on your planet may feel are the differences that you perceive within them or see the differences that you perceived within them

they are not fully of the vibrational frequency of the hybrids they retain enough human frequency

so that there will be some degree of connection and familiarity to all of you

yet in walking among you and passing by you in a sense they will take readings of your energy and your reaction

to what you suddenly begin to perceive maybe someone who is not completely of your world

so these precursors will go out in your society to take these readings to determine exactly the vibrational rate at which you are or are not yet ready for more open contact

and specific interactions with the hybrids who exhibit more of the full vibration that you would not necessarily yet be capable of assimilating within your personality or your society

so we will explain in this transmission more details of the phase of acclimatization that is going on now to prepare hybrids to live among you

and with the precursors more information about the phase of preparing you to live among the hybrids we will then deliver this transmission to you at that time

as part of the preparation for contact and we thank you for the opportunity to do so





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