God said:

Beautiful Souls, there is something more to say about desires and their fulfillment.Yes, desire your dreams deeply.The fulfillment of your desires is on its way to you.Fulfillment of your desires rightly belongs to you.This is your birthright, no ifs, ands, or buts.

At the same time as you desire, let go of the necessity for your desires to be fulfilled.Don"t push or pull them on their way.You lightly wish them well.You wave them on their way the same easy way the setting sun sets.Don't be self-conscious or self-centered on your desires.

You have likely read in other places that, as you become enlightened, you are to become desire-less.What this means is that you release your desires in that you have your desires before you, yet you are not attached to them.You don"t squeeze them.You embrace, yet you are able to let them out of your sight.

You may wonder how anyone can do this, to desire with all his or her heart, and let the desire fly on its own wings.You don"t do it, beloveds.That is just the thing.You allow it.Your desire is something like a caged bird that you love.You free it from its cage.You welcome its freedom, and if the bird comes back, you throw a party for it upon its return.

Unattached to results, you let your Birds of Desire fly as they will.This is also your heartfelt desire, and so you free yourself as well.

The world is not obliged to serve your every wish.You are to be the freer of everyone and everything.

When in the past you resented someone's attitude to you and/or how they treated Life altogether, now you shrug your shoulders and say:"Well, this is Tommy being Tommy," or:"This is Esmeralda, just being Esmeralda." You let go of imposing rules, and so you free others to be as they are.
過去你會對某人待你的態度或對待生活的方式不滿,但現在的你只會聳聳肩說:"這就是湯米,讓他做自己," 或:"這就是艾斯米拉達,讓她做自己。" 放下強加的要求,讓別人自由的做他們自己。

So,the other side of allowing freedom is the acceptance of Life as it happens to be.

Who would have thought that letting go and acceptance were such partners?

You understand now, that this freeing and acceptance, are not something you perform.Always, you have lived Life by the way you see it.You are doing the same now, only from a higher place.You can only see from where you are.This is nothing new.

You are not attached to even being holy.Perhaps somewhere somehow, this was a decision of yours.It could be, yet you also let the decision go and so free yourself.You free yourself from force, from duty, from obligation, perhaps from having to be what you are not as yet.You free yourself to live Life as it happens to appear.

Beyond allowance and acceptance, you even applaud Life as it reveals itself.From acceptance, from applauding, you find you love Tommy and Esmeralda without trying at all.You find you love their obstinacy.You find you love even everything about them that you used to object to with all your might.

How your stance in the world has changed.This may well have been one of your desires, yet you did not make this change within you happen.The change came to you as a gift.You welcome the change, yet you cannot take credit for it.You are glad.The change in consciousness is something that happened to you, and you thank God for this change.What a proof of growth this is, that you can now let someone be as he happens to be.No longer do you have to improve others, and so you are improved.

How do you like these apples?



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