The dark things,the scary things,the things that slither and slide just outside the edge of your light are there for a reason.Being curious and attracted to it brings them there.However,you have the advantage,dear one.You know why they have come calling and you know what do to with them.For each one you see,direct all the Unconditional Love you can muster in its direction,then watch the transformation.How quickly they change depends solely on how much Love you choose to expend.The only thing to need to release is the "fear" of the endless and infinite well of Love at your disposal.

~ Creator


一些黑暗,可怕的東西正沿著你光的外緣滑過,那是有原因的,因為你的好奇與迷戀將它們帶往那裡。但是,親愛的,你具有優勢。你知道它們為何來訪,知道如何處理它們。對於你所見到的任何一個,請將你所有無條件的愛朝向它,然後觀察它的變化。改變的速度取決於你選擇付出多少的愛。唯一需要放下的,只是你對於那任由你支配的 "無窮盡的愛之源泉" 的恐懼。





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