How long have you been sitting in the light and cursing the darkness that may or may not exist in your reality? How often have you placed blame on circumstances and experiences in which you have put so much of your energy because doing so made/makes you feel 'safe" and "in control"of your environment? How many times have you chosen to stay in your victim mode because it is easier than looking toward something brighter,different and better?
多久以來,你一直坐在光中,詛咒那些也許並不存在你現實世界中的黑暗 ?你是否經常責怪你的處境和經歷,讓你投入如此多的能量來維持你的安全感和控制權?多少次你沉溺在受害者模式之中,只因為它比走向光明,改變與提升自我來得容易?

My darling,my love,my child; the time of change is upon you.Whether you remain static,stationary and stubborn(smiling –"one of my favorite human attributes") or stand up,leap into and explore the light around you will always be your choice! The excuses you create to "sit this one out"will,very shortly,no longer be a valid reason for denying the reason you are here…to grow into and become Love.~ Creator





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