God said:

Whatever you have on your mind today, whatever may be weighing you down, whatever may occupy you, let it go.

Unless a thought gives you happiness, why have it? What merit is there for you to worry this and worry that? Come now, come with Me, and enjoy your voyage on Earth.You are here for joy, so enjoy.

On the ship you sail, there may well be two conversations going on.One conversation may make your heart soar.The other conversation objects to life in the world as it is.Which conversation do you want to sit in on, be part of, to practice?

I don"t believe that you really prefer to listen to bashing about life and the world and what the world, by golly, looks like.What is the point of being clever when you hammer in the errors of the world and make them stand out? Are you really required to add up faults and errors and present a long list? Let your heart sing instead.

The world is going to go on with or without your input.

Go out and plant some flowers.There are lots of things more helpful than listing all the improvements necessary that you can do.Plant one flower.Now you are talking.Now you are like a balm to the world.

Everything you do, everything you say, washes over the world.It is magnified.Be clear on what you want to magnify.I ask you to magnify blessings.This is the meaning of as you sow, so shall you reap.Reap the benefits of life in the world.May hay while the sun shines.Sowing and reaping are not meant to be a revival of the past but to bless this very moment.

You are on Earth for a limited time.You are forever, yes, yet in the world, you are here for a brief moment.Even if you are a candle on Earth that lasts two-hundred years, two hundred years is but a blink of an eye.Nevertheless, look at how far you can come in only two-hundred years or even one year.You have magnificence to bestow.

Make a world of difference on your short stay on Earth.If you cannot accept that Life on Earth is a blessing, at least you can bless the Earth for others who are on Earth with you and all those who are to come later on when the Truth is that you co-exist as One Forever.

Your contribution is to be ongoing, you who are Infinitely Forever.There is no end to you.You come on Earth, and you go off Earth, yet you are with Me forever.Not forever and a day.No, always you fly with Me.In Truth, there is only Permanency.On Earth there is the concept of temporary.Once and for all, know that you are sealed in My Heart, and Life Eternal is already yours.

You are not here on Earth as a fly-by-night.It is beautifully-freeing that you are Eternal, yet this does not mean at all that you have non-existent time to waste.You are here for a purpose.You can be sure your ultimate purpose is not to bad-mouth life.Your message for Earth is not to be:"Wowee, what a mess the Earth is."

Your purpose is not to be a whistle-blower.Is there anyone who is not already aware that the Earth is to rise higher and higher.I say again:Plant flowers.Make a difference.Do not continue to point out what needs remodeling.Replace the conversation that reiterates what keeps the Earth where it has been.Lead the way.Do not stop the world in time fragments.Renew hearts.Go higher.




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