God said:

You are meant to love.It is to you I am speaking.I created you to love.Enjoy the mind set of love.The intent to love serves.

How can it be that one of the biggest blocks you have on Earth is to feel love and to give it? You find so many reasons to not love.Not loving your fellow man seems a whole lot easier than loving.What are these impossible obstacles to repress full love from your heart that you build up and so keep your Love in reserve? Must you? What can be so urgent about not loving? How about setting unlovingness aside and never become acquainted with it again.What do you possibly need unlovingness for? It's a poor excuse.

It may be you look for reasons not to love.One of these reasons may well be that your heart has been hurt.You know, dear ones, when someone offends you, all the more reason for you to open your heart.Open your eyes, and open your heart.

When you feel offended, you are the holder of offense.In the long run, offense is not a good reason to forgo love to and from your heart.Think of it, you have a heart.Keep it open.

Sometimes an offense may be that you simply can't tolerate someone.This can be considered your offense.You can't stand the sound of someone's voice.The offense is the sound of his voice, or it is that he talks too much, and you don't want to listen, or you find the person glum, and you don't want to catch it.

You can reflect love with someone while you are free.You don't have to sit and subject yourself to someone eternally.Don't mistake this view of yours for love.No one wants to be tolerated by you or anyone.Why would anyone? Your foot-tapping tolerating isn't good enough at all.Tolerating is its own kind of impatience.For someone to sense that he is being tolerated is intolerable.

When I speak of love issuing from your heart, I am not speaking about the fervor of Great Love.I am simply talking about a certain settled-ness in your heart.Your heart doesn't have to overflow with love, not at all.I ask that you give your heart the freedom to make even a little room for someone else, someone whom you perceive as else.No matter how different the two of you may be, dear one, you are not wholly opposite.Let's face it:From the world view, you are not perfect either.

Perhaps the love from your heart that you can best offer is peace.Peace is good.A silent thought of"Peace be with you" is excellent.A thought of peace opens passageways.Whatever opens passageways is love.When you think"Peace be with you" you let in some unbounded love.Peace is a great offering of love.It will do.And as you direct your thought of Peace to another soul, you will also hear your thoughts, and you will feel a greater sense of peace within you surge.Hallelujah!

When you bless another to peace, you are twice-blessed.You yourself become a blessing.

When someone appears to have not understood you and supported you, and, therefore, let you down, why are you bruised? Must you be bruised? Must you have to recover from it as an assault? It is a nothing thing really.Your ego made a mountain out of a molehill.Everyone favors the way he thinks and not what someone else thinks.No one is obligated to see the world as you do.Why are you offended? This sounds like your offense, beloveds.Is it too much to ask that you stay on an even keel?

Mend your heart, the heart that you consider yours to withhold.



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