US and Russia to put the squeeze on Rothschild controlled France and Germany
Posted by benjaminMay 30, 2017
本傑明·富爾福德 2017年5月30日

The split in the Western power structure between the meritocratic gnostic illuminati and the Khazarian bloodline families was put out for all to see during last weekend's G7 meeting.

For those who follow normal diplomatic protocol, the war of words at and after the meeting, between the Germans and the French on the one side and the British and the Americans on the other, was unprecedented in the post war era.US President Donald Trump, for example, called the Germans 「very, very bad,」 and threatened to stop importing German cars to the US.

He also failed to mention Article 5, the collective defense clause, in his speech to NATO, implying basically that Russia could just go ahead and march into France and Germany without worrying about the US.Without US help, Germany and France would fall to Russia in a matter of weeks.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, for her part, said 「Europe must take its fate into its own hands,」 after the summit and noted that Britain, with Brexit and the US, with Trump, were no longer reliable partners.The German slave, French President Emmanuel Macron, followed his masters"orders by deliberately snubbing Trump and trying to hurt his hand during a handshake.

These sorts of shenanigans, as well as the civil war raging in Washington DC, prompted Chinese official media to comment that Western democracy 「is crumbling.」

The overall tone of the article also lends support to NSA allegations that Chinese President Xi Jinping works for the Rothschilds because it adheres closely to the US corporate media lies about Trump and seems to predict Trump will be impeached over 「Russia.」 The Chinese, of course, are bitter about Trump because they invested heavily in Hillary Clinton and were promised Japan as a reward if she won.

What is really going on here in fact, is a split between countries still under Khazarian bloodline mafia rule and those who are moving towards meritocracy.In other words Merkel, who as Hitler's daughter is a member of the Saxe-Gotha-Rothschild family, is circling the wagons for Khazarian bloodline rule in Europe even as the US shakes it off.

The UK and Canada, of course, retain symbolic bloodline rule but it is publicly supported there plus it is in the open for all to see; not hidden behind lies and murders as is the case in Germany, France, Italy and elsewhere.

Inside the US, meanwhile, the battle against the Khazarian rear-guard still holding out in Washingtion DC is nearing its final stages, Pentagon and agency sources agree.Zbigniew 「it's easier to kill a million than convince a million」 Brzezinski 「was sent to meet his master rocky [David Rockefeller],」 the sources note.Brzezinski's death means that the main architect of the anti-Russian campaign of hysteria in DC is gone and that this campaign will start to wither.
與此同時,在美國境內,對可薩暴徒後衛軍的戰鬥仍在華盛頓特區進行,目前已接近最後階段,五角大樓和機構消息人士對此表示同意。「殺死100萬比說服100萬更容易,」美國前任總統國家安全事務助理茲比格涅夫·布裡辛斯基(Zbigniew Brzezinski)「去見他的主人洛克菲勒去了。」而布裡辛斯基的死亡意味反俄運動的主要黑手已經不在了,而這場運動將開始枯萎。

In fact the Washington DC elite are now in a state of sheer panic as word has been put out the so-called Russian who leaked Hillary Clinton's e-mails was none other than Democratic Party staffer Seth Rich, who was murdered as a result.
事實上,華盛頓特區的權貴精英正處於極度恐慌的狀態,因為有消息爆出,洩露希拉蕊電子郵件的所謂俄羅斯人,正是民主黨人塞思·裡奇(Seth Rich),他被謀殺了。

The death of David Rockefeller means that his entire control grid, from the murder brigades to his Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission mind control outfits, is collapsing.That is the real reason for the panic.

Furthermore, the efforts by the Khazarian mass murdering Neo-con faction to regain control over the FBI, and thus internal policing in the US, were defeated when 「Israeli dual-citizen Mossad agent Joe Lieberman」 was blocked from being put in charge.
此外,當「以色列雙重公民摩薩德探員喬·利伯曼(Joe Lieberman)」被阻擋出任重職時,可薩暴徒企圖謀殺新保守派以重新控制FBI,從而操控美國內部的陰謀被擊敗了。

On top of this, Jared Kushner, the top Khazarian agent in the Trump regime, is in deep trouble, multiple sources agree.「Kushner may not just get fired but prosecuted,」 the Pentagon sources say.Military police and Congress are both probing Kushner as well as Trump, Lockheed Martin, Goldman Sachs and former general David Petraeus for receiving or handing out kickbacks from the $400 billion arms deal announced with Saudi Arabia, they say.
在這方面,川普身邊的最大的可薩暴徒,他的乘龍快婿賈裡德·庫什納(Jared Kushner)陷入了嚴重的困境。五角大樓的消息說:「庫什納可能不會被炒掉,而是被起訴。」軍方和國會都在調查庫什納、川普、洛克希德馬丁(Lockheed Martin)、高盛和前將軍大衛·彼得雷烏斯(David Petraeus)等人士,他們說,這些人涉嫌從沙烏地阿拉伯公佈的4000億美元軍火交易中收受或分發回扣。

Speaking about Saudi Arabia, perhaps now is a good time to look at the overall result of Trump's visit to the main monotheistic power centers of Arabia, Israel and the Vatican to see what is happening in the bigger picture of things.

The first thing to note is that Trump's call for an Arab NATO confirms the US and Russia have reached a deal over splitting control of the Middle East and its oil resources.In this split, Russia gets influence over Turkey and the revived Persian Empire that includes Iran as well as parts of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.The US gets Israel, the Arab states of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Jordan and Egypt.For the Pentagon it means their private gas stand remains available to them to fill their war machines and their coffers.

The fact that Trump met the pope and that the conversation went better than expected also underlines the existence of a Vatican/Russian and US patriotic Christian alliance against the Satan worshipping Khazarians.It turns out that Pope Francis calls Lucifer God because, according to Catholic doctrine, Satan lost the title of Lucifer after his rebellion.

Trump also left a message to the Khazarians during his visit to Israel by refusing to let Israeli Prime Minister and leading Satanist Benyamin Netanyahu have a photo taken with him at the wailing wall, according to the Pentagon sources.The message was that the old city of Jerusalem is occupied territory that must be returned to Palestine, they explain.

Trump was also read the riot act about war when he visited the Pope, according to Jesuit sources.He was warned not to even think of using his so-called Arab NATO as an excuse to try to start World War3between the Arabs and the Iranians.Trump knows he will be removed from office if he tries, the sources say.

Melania Trump also made her allegiances clear during the trip by refusing to veil her head in Saudi Arabia or during a visit to the holocaust(burnt offering) museum but donning one for her visit with the Pope.In other words, her message was that the controlling force in the Trump presidency, as far as she was concerned, was Christianity and not Judaism or Islam.
川普的老婆梅拉尼婭(Melania Trump)拒絕在沙烏地戴面紗,或者參觀大屠殺(燔祭)博物館,但為她與教皇的訪問做了一件事,這使得她在旅行中更加忠誠。換句話說,她傳達的信息是,在她看來,川普任期內的控制力量是基督教,而不是猶太教或伊斯蘭教。

Russian President Vladimir Putin also last week made it very clear that driving force of his regime was Christianity.At a ceremony consecrating a church that was built to mark the 100th anniversary of the 1917 Bolshevik revolution Putin said 「this church is dedicated to the Resurrection of Christ, and to the new martyrs, in other words, to the memory of those who suffered during the years of anti-religious persecution and who died during this time of repression.」

Needless to say, the people behind the Russian suffering during the 20th century are same Satanists who are behind the war mongering Neo-cons who have done so much to turn the United States into the main source of world evil during the 21st century.

Overall, the Satanists are facing final defeat in the West so now the main battle ground against them is moving to Asia.

Here the Satanists attacked the Philippines with their ISIL mercenary army because Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has not only kicked out the Khazarians with Chinese and Russian help but he is also shutting down their drug dealing and pedophile operations there, the Pentagon sources say.Duterte 「arrested 3,000 online child traffickers after meeting Trump,」 they say.Maybe that is why the Khazarian Satanist controlled media released the classified transcript of a phone call between Trump and Detente.

The other thing still simmering in Asia, of course is the North Korean situation.Japanese right wing sources close to the Emperor are now saying that North Korea has long been working with Israel to 「create Babylon 2.0」 i.e.enslave the world to the Khazarians.

There is also a very intense power struggle going on under the surface both in China and Japan multiple political and underworld sources here claim.The media and part of the establishment in Japan is clearly on a campaign to remove Prime Minister Shinzo Abe by exposing no less than six separate scandals, mostly shady real estate deals, related to him.A source close to Abe says he is very ill but is determined, if necessary, to die in office.Rothschild slave Finance Minister Taro Aso wanted to replace Abe but his main backer, LDP heavyweight Kaoru Yosano, was killed last week, Japanese right wing sources note.
在中國和日本的表面之下,也有一場激烈的權力鬥爭。日本的媒體和部份機構顯然正在進行一場運動,以罷免安倍晉三,揭露了不少於6個關於他的醜聞,大部份是與房地產交易有關。一位與安倍關係密切的消息人士說,他病得很重,但如果有必要,他寧可在辦公室裏去世。右翼人士指出,羅斯柴爾德的財務大臣麻生太郎對首相大位虎視眈眈,但他的主要支持者-自民黨重量級人物與謝野馨(Kaoru Yosano)上週被幹掉了。

Also, a right wing source says the person who recently met the Emperor to ask for the release of funds was not Rothschild servant Michael Greenberg, as reported by this newsletter, but was in fact former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Michael Flynn, who the source claims, said he was sent by Henry Kissinger.He left empty handed, he says.In any case, Kissinger himself will have to personally meet a member of the White Dragon Society to prove that he is still alive and is not just a computer graphic generated by an artificial intelligence.
同時,右翼來源說,最近與天皇見面要求釋放基金的人不是羅斯柴爾德僕人米高·格林伯格(Michael Greenberg),據這個簡報稱,實際上是前國防情報局主任米高‧弗林源(Michael Flynn),據說他聽命於季辛吉,而過後他說他空手而歸。無論如何,季辛吉本人必須親自現身於白龍會前,以證明他還活著,並不只是人工智能創造的電腦圖形。

In China, meanwhile, sources in the Shanghai, Guangdong and Taiwan factions of the Chinese underworld are all saying that a campaign to remove President Xi Jinping is under full swing.They say his unpopular anti-corruption campaign has just been an excuse to remove rivals.

The Chinese have also been accelerating their plans to escape from the Khazarian controlled Western financial system following the recent downgrading of China's credit rating by Moody's.The Chinese are behind bitcoin, according to Asian secret society sources, which is why bitcoin surged in value after the downgrade was announced.It was like the Chinese saying the rickety Khazarian owned Windows Vista based SWIFT international payments system was obsolete.The Asians now support gold-backed crypto-currency.
隨著中國信用評級最近下調,中國也加快了逃離可薩暴徒控制的西方金融體系的計劃。據亞洲秘密會社消息,中國是比特幣的幕後推手,這就是為什麼比特幣在降級後大幅升值的原因。就像中國說的,搖搖欲墜的國庫控股公司的Windows Vista基於SWIFT的國際支付系統已過時了。亞洲人現在支持金本位制的加密貨幣。




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