You are a very complex being.You are, in fact, multidimensional.That is something that you will, or perhaps will not, experience soon.But, in the meantime, perhaps we may show you a little something.

Our question for you today is, who is looking out through your eyes? Is it the person who is being made late because of the rain on the streets? Or is it the person who sees the life and love that is nourishing the flowers and trees?

Do you see an unsightly mess on the corner lot? Or do you imagine the beautiful new addition that is being added to the neighborhood?

Is there a screaming toddler interrupting your peace? Or is there a loving mother rushing to the rescue?

In each case, both of those perceivers are within you.Which one have you chosen to be?

We will tell you that no great struggle is necessary for you make that choice.You are the one simply because you have made that choice over and over again.You may at any time choose to make the other—over and over again.

If you are living in the future—"oh this will be so hard to do"—then it will be as you imagine it.If you are here and now, there is only one simple thing to do.The future will take care of itself.In the present, there is no worry.Worry only exists in a future that is informed by the past.Fear is living a future informed by the past.So, what is the easiest way to be in the present?

If you are in gratitude, it means that you are observing what is present now.Do you see? Yes, you can be thankful for something that was past.Yes, you can be thankful for some imagined future.But the best practice is to be thankful for something, anything, in the now.Be thankful for the air you breathe.There will always be something if you look for it.

It is time now for humans to raise their vibration.It was always time, but now is THE time.It is, you might say, time to keep up with the Joneses.Not that you should compare yourself to anyone else, but that you should do what is necessary to put yourself on an upward trajectory.

The question is really whether you choose to be living in what has always been, or living in what might be.Because what might be is being transformed into what will surely be, at least for those who choose it.

The savior of mankind is here, you see.He is, she is, they are, standing all around you.And they are beginning to wake up to that understanding.As an "I", I can make a difference.As "we", we can make all the difference.

And they are beginning to see that they cannot change him, cannot change her.They can only change.That is what they came to do, and they are doing it.They are remembering who they are.

It is very easy to be what you are taught to be, what you are told you are.You may have to rummage around in your inner basement to find any hints of who you really are.But you can begin by being the one who sees the flowers, who hears the birds, who lives in a world that is your own personal best world.And let tomorrow figure out how it can be better.

You are who you are, where you are.You are enough.




通靈:Ronald Head
翻譯:Nick Chan











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