The Light Outside The Darkness

On occasion dark moments will enter your life. That darkness will feel and seem all encompassing, never-ending and may engulf everything. Like a flashlight beam in reverse, you sometimes forget that outside that darkness, the light continues to shine. If you are in one of those moments, The Universe is there to remind you that the light has, and always will be, there. It all depends on where you choose to put your focus.~ Creator

In…Or In Your Own Way

You can continue to move along your current path, taking whatever "hits"come your way…or…you can change that path. You may decide that staying where you are energetically is less challenging. You can also make the decision to move forward. Please remember; you are in….or in your own way. All it takes is one thought, one decision, one action to change everything! ~ Creator

Make Love!

Of all the things you make every day, how often does that include love? This is not just the intimate love shared between humans, but a way to view the world.If you start each of your creations with love, it will grow and become something so much bigger than you ever imagined.Make love the basis of all you do! ~ Creator

Self Love First

Guess what?! I have a surprise for you; you do not have to tolerate or condone negative behavior. Yes, it can be a positive thing to look at the other person's perspective, however, you need not put up with name calling, mental, emotional or physical attacks.

As always you have a choice. You can choose to stay in an "attempt"to change a person, but that will most likely never happen. Be it from a lover, friend or acquaintance; change starts from within and you may never be that catalyst. Be loving to yourself first and the rest will follow.~ Creator

Limitless & Lovely

Each breath you take is a moment in Becoming.What you have become in this space will change in an instant to Become something else.You are limitless and lovely in this process.Release the thought of having to change; the world and all of its infinite beauty awaits you.~ Creator

The Release In Dying

For some of you it may feel like a little part of you is dying. Those last heavy sighs from what needs to be released are causing ripples throughout your body. It is important to remember that this is not permanent…but a temporary transition time. Notice, honor and send Love to that part of you that will be moving along soon. It deserves no less than the greatest honor for protecting and keeping you safe.~ Creator

Freedom Of Choice

Just about the time you feel like giving up; that is the time to keep going.

Just about the time you want to stop completely; that is the time to keep moving.

Just about the time you wish to sleep; that is the time to stay awake.

I know these recent changes have been very trying for some of you and I am truly amazed and in awe of the tenacity you show every moment of your day! Changing can be challenging…remaining static even more so. My beautiful child, you have always the freedom to choose a better tomorrow. Use it! ~ Creator




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