In five days, there will be a total solar eclipse, the path of which will pass across the whole of the 48 contiguous states on the North American continent.This event has received more attention than any eclipse in your history.Of course, it is the first to occur in the era of the internet.We have had nothing to add to the discussion of this until now.It hardly needed to be hyped any further.In fact, there has been such a frenzy built up that your guardians and guides will be kept very busy for a few days.



Please, if you are traveling into the "Path of totality", be very careful when traveling and be prepared.Do not expect to find everything you may need where you are going.Some of the smaller communities will be well beyond their normal capacities.


But what we want to discuss is the magnificent opportunity being taken to unite your communal field around a positive event.It has been experienced before within your memories around calamities, but this is not a calamity.You are coming together to gaze in wonder.And that is wonder-full.

As you are already going to be doing that, we wish to suggest that another opportunity, an opportunity to hold your world within feelings of love and unity be grasped.Many millions of you will be feeling uplifted.It will be a perfect time to be uplifting.It will be a perfect time to feel and be united.

There is much being done these days to divide you.You will know of what we speak even though we refrain from including particulars here.We are not about particulars.We are gratified that the backlash caused by some events is greater and more intense than the events themselves.The original events are actually causing unity to emerge.But here we have a cosmic event that will trigger a great shift in consciousness.We ask you to "milk it for all it is worth", as you say.

It is time for you to cease being on the short end of your proverbial sticks, and to begin being the cause of what appears around you.It is not necessary for you to "fight"for or against anything.It is imperative, however, for you to broadcast what you want in your fields, and not just to receive whatever is being broadcast by others.As has been said, there is nothing missing from the party that you have brought yourselves.Bring love.Bring tolerance.Bring appreciation.Bring unity.And bring enough for everyone.

Realize that whatever is being done or said that would bring you down, or cause dissension, is only being done by a divine being who has no concept of who he or she is, or what they are actually doing.This is true on both sides of any issue.The issue is not the issue.Your reaction to the issue is the issue.While there may be things that you cannot, and should not, condone, there need not be anything that you cannot forgive.Just surround the entirety in unconditional love and light.Unconditional love is not always an easy concept to employ, but it is always the correct one.And it is only possible when you know the truth of what you are looking at.

Remember, you cannot change what was done.You cannot change anyone else.You can change how you see it.You have total control of what you broadcast into the field.And you are never not broadcasting into the field.


It is our sincere hope, and well within possibility, that his solar event will trigger a sea change in the greater mind of humanity.We feel this beginnings of it already.


Blessings be.




通靈:Ronald Head
翻譯:Nick Chan








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