God said:

There is nothing like Life on Earth.

Where else would you find all these twists and turns and otherness aside and apart from Oneness?

Not in Heaven, and not in all the other isles where Beings may abide.Only on Earth is there such a mix, such a mix of one thing or another, a mix of coincidences that congregate, and are still greater than the sum of all the parts.In fact, now remember a Glorious Oneness upon Earth.Life has had you fooled, Dear Ones.

There is something going on, and it is Life.Life is Life, yet Life on Earth is a mystery of mysteries.We might also call it the Holy of Holies.

What an Adventure you live and skate on.There is a volume of other Adventures you live amongst and apart from what you know you partake in.Sometimes you star in the stories, and sometimes you have walk-on parts, or you are even part of the scenery, as if no more than a painting on the wall.Nevertheless you are involved.You play a Great part.

You go through the revolving Doors of Life the way you walk into department stores.In this case, the merchandise is Life Itself and all the Stories of Life, no two alike, are all being shipped here and there, wrapped for sending.This Department Store sends further shipments but no refunds.Once delivered, lived and paid for, there is no story you can return.

However, you don't have to keep staring at what was.You are free.You don't always have to keep the home fires burning and stay locked up in the past, beautiful or not.By no means does a past story have to hold you a willing captive.You and another and others are joined while you appear not to be joined.When one role is no longer yours, you are free to rise from what once was.Honestly, you may have to go along on another path.

You can start a new story.You are not disloyal.You simply are not to stay in one place forever.It is loving of you to let go of the past.Life is a progression.Life is not at a standstill.

Remember, your loved ones have moved on to a greater plane or will.It is for you to renew yourself and go forward.You are not to have qualms about moving forward in Life.Your dear departed ones travel to other Lands.It feels heartless to you that your loved ones leave Earth and go in another direction.It isn't heartless.Everyone sooner or later leaves Earth.No one is abandoning anyone.What happens is that your loved ones go on an ocean voyage ahead of you.

Consider that your Loved One is off to another Isle where he or she learns a new language.Life, so to speak, is about learning new languages.You will learn new languages by and by.You will speak in new tongues.And in Silence.

Beautiful hearts flow in and out regardless of the name of the dance they dance.Everyone learns new dances, one after the other.

No matter what, all partner with Me.All blend with Me—only seeming to be in the guise of one human form or another.

You will come to see that it has been yourself all the time that you charmed and were charmed by.Through thick and thin, all the characters are you.You are not lost.You cannot lose another, nor can anyone cast you aside.No one can cast any seeming other aside.All that can happen is that you wear different-colored glasses at one time or another.True Oneness IS.There is no one or another.

Where I am are you.Where you are am I.



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