Dear Ones, stepping into the energies of a new year is quite a profound act.You are shifting from one energetic cycle that had its own theme into another that holds its own unique energetic stamp.

It can take as long as arriving at the first equinox to fully acclimate into the energies of a new year, depending upon how different it is to the year that preceded it.The most profound shifting you will feel energetically will be within the first few weeks.

So we advise you to step into the new year gently.Be kind and gentle with yourselves.Observe your body and pay attention to what your needs are.Still yourselves, and feel into it.Take some time to continue to think about what your intentions are moving forward.Ease into the energy by allowing yourselves the time and presence to shift with the most comfort possible.

As you continue to evolve, you become far more sensitive to the energies and yet are also more adept at moving with them.Creating the space to give yourselves what you need and to explore the unique energies and shifting that occurs with the new year is using your wisdom and mastery and will allow you to welcome this new phase in a much more balanced way than ever before.These are exciting times as you will continue to grow and thrive in the unprecedented energies of this wonderful new year of empowered creation.~Archangel Gabriel






Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
翻譯:Nick Chan









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