Dear Ones, we admire the fact that so many of you are following more natural and holistic approaches to healing.There is much wisdom in this and the earth provides so much of what you need! There may be times, however, where you do need more traditional medicine to move into a model of whole health.

There is a tendency when you have lost faith in something, or found limitations with, to swing to the opposite end of the spectrum. This is a natural part of finding balance. The right solution for you, however, may be somewhere in the middle.

We urge you to not become rigid in your thinking, but rather to consider all available options. Many people find their way to alternative medicine after they have exhausted all the potentials traditional medicine offers them.

Others may need to explore traditional medicine as an add in if more natural practices have not given them what they require. What we are trying to say is if you do not become rigid, in many cases, you will find a blend that may include both as your perfect formula for wellness.

Use your wisdom and intuition to find what is the right blend for your own health and wellness. Do not absolutely exclude anything due to a belief system, but rather stay open to where the flow of healing is trying to take you. If you have tried your preferred approaches to no avail and find yourself being taken to the doorstep of traditional medicine in order to heal, it is not a failure, but rather a combination of elements that meets your own unique physicality and needs.

Know that ultimately it all comes from a Source that adores you and wishes for you and your vehicle (body) to thrive. You will find your way to your own ideal mix if you stay open and allow yourself to be led to the supports that are best for you.~Archangel Gabriel






Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
翻譯:Nick Chan


















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