We wish to give you a different perspective on some of the earlier information that we have stressed in the past few years. We have talked with you about energy. We have spoken about frequency.We have told you repeatedly that everything is made up, in its essence, of energy and frequency become matter. And we have stressed that the meaning of this is that you are energy beings, electro-magnetic energy beings.You are frequency embedded in what is THE energy field. And you have an energy frequency that is, in its ever-changing being, unique in all of creation.

Many of you are beginning to understand this sort of talk now.But today we want to shed a bit of light on how that applies to a certain type of teaching. You have always been asked not to judge others around you.You have been told that they are also exactly like you in their divine nature. And this is, of course, true. But you sometimes, often-times, find it difficult to act consistently on that information.This is because what you observe seems to threaten you or your beliefs in some way.

Now we have explained many times the causes for those threatened feelings, explanations that were true, but today we want to approach the subject a bit differently.

Because you are living in a three-dimensional, material environment, and because you have many of your natural senses dulled or shut down, you see the world as"me"and"not me". This allows you to see things that seem to be"not me"in ways that you would not see them if you knew, really knew, that they were actually a part of your own field.There is actually an explainable way in which they are not"not me".

The first thing to understand is that whatever you perceive is actually another set of frequencies in the field that your brain, that wonderful receiver/translator/transmitter, is translating into pictures and sounds and smells, etc., that it then matches up with things that you have perceived previously.You are constructing a replica in your mind. Necessarily, it is NOT an exact replica. Why? What do we mean?We mean that there is no way, for most of you, that you are receiving more than a tiny portion of all of the information that the perceived thing truly is. For instance, that person who just cut you off in traffic is trying desperately to get his child to the hospital, but you don't know that.

But that is not the point of this message.The point is, you are actually seeing an internal construct. So, when you curse it, or judge it to be anything less than divine, you are showering that energy upon your own energy field. There are frequencies involved that you would not choose, bio-chemicals, as well. You are changing your own being in ways that are counter to your intentions. We can say this because you are reading this message. You see, what you see is ever and always within you. That does not mean that there is nothing over there. It is simply an explanation of the mechanism of your perception.

But understanding this may help you to make changes in your reactions.You may see why, in a very practical way, it would be far better to bless that sight than to condemn it. It is, after all, you. And it is you in much more immediate ways than you perhaps ever imagined.

The change in the frequencies and the bio-chemicals that you produce within yourselves will serve to miraculously change the miracle that is your manifest self.You are manifesting a self you know. And you are a miracle. Even one cell of the being that you are is a miracle. And the trillions of cells that make you do a great many miraculous things without you even being aware of them.

What sort of miracles will you participate in today?




通靈:Ron Head
翻譯:Nick Chan











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