God said:

Life sure seems like a mystery, a mystery filled with magical moments, and even miracles. Don't miss the magic and the miracles. Certainly don't put your time and energy on studying all the trials and misfortunes.

When you come down to it, all of Life on Earth is a miracle. Who could make up how babies are conceived and born? Who could, as a matter of fact, make up the entire Miracle of Life? And who could conceive of anything so fantastic as Life as it lives its ways out in the world?

There are separate little houses that people live in, and separate little cars that people spend time in and drive around in during the day and may fall asleep in at night. And there are places like wigwams and igloos and domes and homes on the range.

There are places along the way where you can go in to buy food and cooked meals and other sundry things. There are snapshots and paintings and facts and fiction, many facts and fiction that are impossible to keep separate.

Everything has been thought of, it seems, and then something new is thought of and merchandized.

There is nothing new under the sun, and yet there is. There are rainbows and thunderstorms all on the same Earth and new each time. Life on Earth is compelling, and Life on Earth is bizarre. There are matters like jokes, and there are operas that are stories told and sung to the tunes of beating hearts.

What is there that has not yet been discovered on Earth and in Heaven?

Life on Earth in a body is no more than the blink of an eye.

You arrive. You stay. You leave and go on somewhere else even as there is only Oneness and nowhere else but with Me, of Me, to Me, a Great Font of Love as We speak.

How can it be that Love is ever forgotten on Earth, and yet it sure seems Love has, too often, been cut out and excluded, as if Love were forgotten, or scavenged and not even considered.

What ridiculousness is this? What irony? One extreme is ravaged and forsworn for another, as if Love doesn't really matter, as if business comes before Love. As if there are interchangeable parts of Life. As if all parts of Life are equally worthy or unworthy, and difference is of no import. Did you ever hear of anything so impertinent? As if nothing on Earth really matters. As if Love does not matter more than what money can buy.

You live in a challenged world. There may be undignified signs in the world that point you in various directions. Go by My Sign. Remember Love. If you remember nothing else, remember Love.

Let smallness not be made big. Let smallness be forgotten. Remember Me.

Let suffering become forgotten.

Let goodness and mercy be your daily thoughts.

Let Hearts be softened throughout the Universe. Let thoughts be transformed throughout the Universe. Let there be Roads of Joy that you walk on. Let the Sun shine in your heart. Let naught but Love be known and renowned.

Let hearts meet and be interchangeable with all other hearts. Let all hearts sing out. Let every heart be claimed forever and ever. Hearts are to be One.

Let all lift their feet up above the Earth and ascend to Heaven in the wink of an eye.

Let all the Good that is predicted float across your vision.

Let everyone look at Earth and say, "Ah, this is good."




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