Many of you on your enlightenment journey have felt very alone.You may not have had like-minded people in your inner circle to connect with and due to this may have felt rather isolated, unsupported, or different than others. There was a reason for this.

Many of you came onto the planet with active service contracts. You agreed to not only support and transmute energies on the planet, but also to create the perfect conditions in order to remember and embody who you truly are. Many of your experiences with others have been difficult, and a great many of you experienced abuse in order to keep you energetic sensitivities on high and to have fully developed empathic and compassionate traits. All of this served you in your service contracts and soul agendas.

It was easiest for you to have all of the elements required to fully activate and succeed on your service missions to be spread out all over the world. It would make no sense to have the enlightening human beings all concentrated in one area. It served the planet, and your own self discovery, to be scattered throughout the globe. One of the many ways the internet has been integral to the ascension process has been to give you a sense of connection in the midst of your solitary service missions. The lack of others to connect with also encouraged seeking out your guides and helpers to find the support and assistance you needed.

If you are one who has felt that you are without your own tribe, please be aware that this is shifting for a great many of you.Enlightening human beings who have been of the initial phase of service will be changing their service contracts, and because of this will be relocating all over the globe. You will be connecting, in person, more and more with your soul groups and divine counterparts –the souls who resonate with you and truly understand you. This has been made possible by the next wave of human beings who are waking up and ready to step into their own service, filling the vacancies you will leave behind. These connections all come about naturally and with ease when the timing is perfect.
如果你感到沒有屬於你的交際圈,請意識到這對於你們中的很多人來說正在發生變化。處於初期服務階段的覺醒者會改變他們的服務合同,因此會在世界各地重新安頓。你將會與你的靈魂團體和神聖同伴 - 與你產生共鳴並真正理解你的靈魂的人們越來越親密地聯繫在一起。這會經由在下一波醒來並準備好步入他們的服務,填補你將留下的空缺之人促成。當時機完美時,這些連接都能自然而然地輕鬆完成。

So trust, Dear Ones, that all of it –every last bit of it –has been to honour your soul's mission and your highest life expressions. It is indeed unfolding in the most wondrous ways, and you are moving into the next amazing phase that is now possible because of the hard work and consistent efforts you have made over the years. ~Archangel Gabriel







Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
翻譯:Nick Chan














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