It was said in the past,"All roads lead to Rome."We wish to remind you now that all roads, all change, leads to your future. And your future, dear friends, is promised, is imminent, and is as you have created it.

Now, why do we bring this subject forward at this time? We do this because we see that the chaos that is building around you is beginning to shake some you. In quiet times, you understand. The trick is maintaining your composure in the chaos.We have spoken before of chaos and the fact that all order proceeds only from seeming disorder. New structure cannot stand in the same space as old structure.

The dismantling of the old is just beginning.If you look around and see the old, if you see other than what you want your world to be, then there is still some rebuilding to be done, is that not so? Of course, it is. And although some rebuilding is already underway, we would say that only the tiniest of beginnings has occurred. So, that must mean that a bit more enduring will be necessary –quite a lot, actually. But even your imagination has not shown you the wonders that await. That is because you picture things in variations of what you have known, and you have never known a world like the one that will now emerge. Actually, you have, but it is so far in your past that you cannot find the memories. You are returning to a world wherein divine humans dwell. And it will absolutely reflect the fact that divine humans dwell in it.

Would you shorten the wait, friends?We feel the ‘Yes!'that you respond with to be deafening. And so, here we will remind you once again that you are the mind that this world will reflect –does reflect. And in your intentions, in your prayers, in your meditations, and even in your daydreams this world is being constructed. And the energies that are constructing it are strengthened with each thought.

We would also say, if we may, that when something occurs around you, and that includes what you see or hear from your media, instead of being thrown into fear or anger, see it as just one more change that IS leading to the world you desire. Because that is all it will be. That is all it will be regardless of how it presents itself.

Imagine a world of beauty, of peace, of freedom, of opportunity, of people who only know unconditional love for everyone and everything. Imagine that.And then remember that we said your imagining would not be as wonderful. Spend some time there each day.




通靈:Ronald Head
翻譯:Nick Chan










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