God said:

When, instead of feeling lightness in your heart, you feel heaviness, here is what to do:

Just be with Me. You are not under obligation to Me. Our relationship doesn't have to be about what you do for Me. With effort or without, you serve. He who smiles serves.

Know that you are devoted. All you have to do is to be. I excuse you from effort. I excuse everyone from effort. Effort is not what loving Me takes. It takes joy. You merit joy. Be joyful. This is what I truly want from you. My Will is for you to feel joy in life. Your assignment is joy and lightheartedness. Joy from you onto the world. Turn on the switch in your heart that sings. Come, I sing with you, Our Voices entwine.

Joy, Joy to you, Joy to God. Joy to the world. Let's add bubbles to your joy. Forever blow bubbles of joy. Good, now you are smiling. If you are not feeling joy, smile first, and joy will come. Now I kiss your forehead, giving you peace. Peace and joy are companions. Be in peace, My beloved sons and daughters.

You are not to do penance. This is not in your best interest nor is it in Mine. Joy is in our best interest. You are not in debt to Me. You do not have a debt to pay off. If you owe Me anything, it is your joy. Your joy is what I ask for.

By this you know I don't mean you have to be frivolous or the life-of-the-party. There are many kinds of joy. Find your joy. Be joyful. Allow yourself a whopping-big heart. No more crimping your heart with overwhelming seriousness.

Let your life on Earth be splendid.

Let go of solemn-ness. There may have been an overdeveloped propensity for clomping along rather than dancing.

Consider that life is meant to be a Grand Ball you give your attention to, and you love to dance. In your mind, imagine your dancing. You are light of foot which is the same as to say that you are enjoying.

Your enjoyment of life on Earth is a great gift to Me. This is what I want from you. No sacrifice. Phooey on sacrifice. I did not give you life so that you would sacrifice it. There is nothing sacred about sacrificing. Oh, no, no martyrdom for My children. Martyrdom is not joy. It gives Me no joy to see you accepting suffering. Absolutely not.

If someone runs in front of a car in order to save the Life of a Child, this is what the person wants to do. There is no thought necessary. There is no decision to make. A decision is not dwelled on. A split-second decision is made. It is possible that the decision was made before you came to Earth. It doesn't matter when or why. The decision was made, and the decision was swift.

I want to say that there was no contest. Actually, there was no decision to be made. This was life lived on the hoof, so to speak. If there had been a choice, the choice was joy. There was no gap of thought. There was no thought such as:"I am sacrificing." Time did not exist. Death did not exist. In these moments, time is off the monitor. Everything is off the monitor except Love.

Now, I am not intimating that you are to go out and save a child from being hit by a car. I am suggesting that you be One with Life.

Love oils the Gears of Life. Be supple in life. You love and live life. Your Life is for you, yet at the same time, your life is not sacrifice nor is your life for you alone. The idea that this life belongs solely to you is true, yet true only in the sense that you are responsible for it.

Let's not sacrifice, and let's not live selfishness either. Life on Earth is a partnership. The Three Musketeers had it right. All for One, and One for All. This is joy.






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