Beloved Ones,

I come on the wings of love! Many of you have been releasing very deeply held beliefs about self that have been coming to the surface of your waking consciousness. These beliefs have become a part of your cellular structure from a very young age and so, as the higher cosmic energies of love come into the Earth ‘s atmosphere, these limiting thoughts about self rise from within you to be looked at, recognized for what they are and released from your cellular and auric field. Most of these comprise very limiting and disempowering thoughts that keep you from moving forward in your life.

And so, for an indefinite time, these will continue to bombard you, each one vying for your attention and reengagement with the disempowering, discouraging and self sabotaging subconscious thought patterns that have held you back from living your highest purpose, destiny and potential from the time you were but a child. It is very important that you recognize when this is occurring as this is a time of great opportunity to clear and release these patterns from your organic and etheric bodies. These opportunities will continue to occur in waves in conjunction with further cosmic and planetary alignments as and when they occur.

Do not become down on self and feel discouraged. You will start to notice as this happens, how much lighter and clearer you feel after each episode. Upon your own shoulders the taking of self responsibility falls. No one else can do this clearing and releasing work for you. You are the one who must persist in holding your belief in your Divine nature no matter what rises to the surface to be confronted. You have all the power and courage within you to clear and transcend these deeply hidden subconscious thought patterns as they come forth.

This process as you go through it will also reconnect you to your own personal power as your realign to the true authentic version of yourself, one that is free from the influence of others in your sphere of activity. You will re-establish a deep respect and embracement of your authenticity and develop the important quality of loving and honouring self first. When this happens consistently, the love of others in an unconditional acceptance happens easily and naturally.

The spiritual journey through life occurs in a spiral fashion. Sometimes it feels as though you are taking three steps forward and two steps back but ultimately in the end result, you will see and experience the manifestation of the mastery of life as you live it here in the physical realms. So it has ever been for each pilgrim as they continue on their spiritual path. The seeming failures as might be perceived through your perspective can turn out to be the greatest gift ever for your resultant expansion and evolutionary growth. This came to be as a result of your willingness to surrender to the greater plan for your life. As always, we say, take your stand in the Light and truth within you and all will be well.


Until next month…

I AM Hilarion























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