God said:

Do you hear Me loud and clear? Do you hear My Voice over the throngs of other voices that run through your head? Do you hear Me now louder than Life? Do you hear Me, and do you listen to Me with all your heart? You have longed for Me all the days of your life. Whether you are aware of this seeking or not, this is so. This is your story. I am the basis of you, and it is I that you seek.

Time and time again, you have arbitrarily sought less. I have always sought you. I have always sought for you to know your worth. You have found this difficult to do. Hmm, I have to wonder why it is hard for you to accept your worth and even the worth of anyone's Life and the worth of all Life in the World.

You have bought fancy hats, and you have walked in parades, and yet you have veered from your purpose, following after one chase or another. All the same, you went off on tangents and forgot My Name.

Of course, it is not My Name you have to know. It is your name that you have to know, your name in Heaven beyond your known name on Earth. One way or another, you seek your Identity. You may run away from it, yet you are ever seeking to know Who and What you are.

You wonder about the meaning of stars, and you are entranced with one or another movie star. All the while, you have had the knowing somewhere within you that you were chasing fancies. At any cost, you absconded from your True Identity.

You may not have accepted that diamonds and emeralds are baubles with good press and a high price. Everything is not as it seems. You are definitely more than you seem to the world and seem to yourself.

You tend to put your Self on pause. You take time out. You play a different tune and a different role. You engage in unawareness. You rush to play around the mulberry bush. You divert yourself from the key point of your place on Earth. You would do almost anything to keep yourself down. You enact a role that is not you at all. You dance in the Follies of Life. You will do almost anything to devalue the Truth of Who you are. This is an old game you play. You will defray yourself from Self-Realization for as long as you can until you can no longer.

Nothing keeps you from your cognition of your Self but you. You scrimmage, yet, hesitate to go further.

What is so difficult about getting to know you? What is so hard at discovering your Truth? Must you dance around Reality and accept a pretense that you are less, as if this lack of awareness were precious to behold? You are a Vast Secret you keep. Come out of the bulrushes now. Look at your reflection in the river and see the Truth. Look deeply at your reflection in the river, and you will begin to see. You will begin to see Me. You are the spitting image of Me. I am the portrait in the Locket of Your Heart.

It is you who will claim Who you are. The world can think whatever it thinks. I am talking to you. I am trying to convert you to your Self. You don't have to run away from this Glorious Truth. Perhaps you fear that once again you will be let down. Look again.

Surely, you must know that you are greater than the sum of what the world seems to see when it glances askance at you. Never mind what the world says.

Even My whisper is worth more than the loudest shout.

I suggest that you listen to Me loud and clear. Tug your heart over to Me. Give it to Me for sake-keeping. You are in My care. You are My beautiful Self whether you believe this or not. Come over to My way of expressing the Truth of All That Which You Surely Are.




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