God said:

You desire this, and you desire that, and what you desire may be at two ends of two different spectrums. You have conflicting desires. You want everything. You may ask yourself:"What do I want more than what I already have?", and yet you aren't sure how to choose between two wants that seem to cancel each other.

An example might be that you want a love relationship, and you also may prefer to live alone. If you could have a peaceful loving relationship, you would be glad, yet you fear to tread where you have trodden before where peace is not.

You want to fulfill all your responsibilities, and you would very much like plenty of free time as well.

This is how you are conflicted. You talk back and forth. You talk yourself into an idea, and, in the next breath, you talk yourself out of the idea. You convince yourself that you can't be or have everything. Therein lies the rub.

Come from the idea that you can indeed be and have everything you desire. Come also from the idea that you are not in need, definitely not in desperate need.

Focus on your desires and less on what you believe you may be denied.

Midway is not always the solution. There is always a solution. There is always a way to be found. A way will come to you. Know this:Maybe you don't have to walk both to the left and to the right. Maybe you don't have to figure everything out.

It is possible that you can have everything you want simply by desiring it. Maybe you don't have to be caught up in the details. Maybe you can be as free as a bird, and not weighed down one way or another.

It may be that you have made up rules for yourself. You may be caught up in life as a great trial. Maybe what you have to let go of are the rules you have made for yourself. Maybe you don't have to choose between this or between that. Maybe you are not so boxed in as you believe. Believe in yourself as someone who is part of miracles.

What if you can have everything you want? You are new at every moment and surrounded with opportunities. Perhaps you can love and live with another and be in peace. You can be something you have never been before. We are talking about you, dear one, and not about limits. I proclaim you as untied to past beliefs which have limited you.

Who told you that you can't have everything? Open the doors of your heart right now. You are eligible for every happiness. Off with the old, and on with the new. You can have curds and whey and all that delicious flowing whipped cream topped with a cherry.

Who told you that you can't eat your cake and have it too? Not I.

You do deserve the fulfillment of all your dreams. Cross nothing off your list.

Await the life you want to reach you. It is on its way to you. Your desires can come to you in any form. You do not have to expend effort. Let your desires even run ahead to meet you at the next crossroads.

Do you believe that life is difficult to attain? Undo that belief. Your desires are rushing to meet you. You are entitled. Fulfillment of your desires is a gift, and I am propelling fulfillment to you. Trip over all the fulfillment that is merrily on its way to you. You will see. Leap over your logic.

Meanwhile, beckon all your desires to you. This is the Open Sesame. Enjoy yourself on the way.

Horses won't be able to stop your blessings from reaching you. Allow your dreams to leap over tall buildings. Nothing can hinder what is already on its way to you. Desire all that you desire with My Blessings, and, yet, don't insist. Don't stamp your foot. State your desire, and, then, you let it go.






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