Have you been told that you need to face reality?Or that you need to see reality? Or that you have lost your grip on reality? Of course, the person who told you this assumed that they had a grip on reality and you did not. Let's explore this reality that some think they have.

As one example, imagine that you are in a store shopping with a friend. When you walk out into the sunshine, you see a mother and son walking away from a pond in the park. The boy is wearing a beaming smile. When you were in the store, your reality included none of this. It is possible that your reality did not include the mother or the son at all. Even now, you have no idea what the boy has seen that has made him so excited. You do not know what is in the pond. You do not know how many cars drove past while you were shopping. You do not know how many squirrels are in the park or where each of them is. In short, of all that reality is, you have an extremely limited knowledge.

Let's look at an even smaller reality.How many times in the last few moments have you caused your heart to beat or noticed its beating? How many breaths did you take in the last two minutes? Are you regulating your digestion of the last foods you have eaten? Are you sure about the health of the new cells you are creating right now? Which old cells have you chosen to replace?

Does the person that has recommended that you face reality know any of those things? Do they even have the slightest bit of knowledge of what is best for you, or are they urging you to buy into their assumptions because they need to have their beliefs reinforced? Because, you see, if you are right, then they must be wrong. That is not necessarily true, but it may seem so to them.

Even if you humans were the only conscious beings in the universe, which we assure you is not the case, all of the perceptions of your senses lumped into one "reality'would not even begin to know your own world, let alone a solar system, a galaxy, a trillion galaxies.

So what might you wish to base your own beliefs on?Might we offer that your only truth, the truth that you can rely upon, is your own experience and what you can know in your own heart. Your brain can be misled. But, assuming that you are truly in touch with your own deepest self, your heart will not be. That is, admittedly, a rather large assumption.

But that inner knowing is exactly what this "great awakening'is all about. Some think it is about a greater knowledge of polit·ical, societal, or financial facts. That is not so. All of those things have changed and will continue to change. If there is an unchanging reality, it is that change is happening. Everything around you will pass.

What does not pass? What does not pass? That is the important thing. Because you are a part of that.




通靈:Ron Head
翻譯:Nick Chan



















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