The solstices pulses are anchored into Gaia bringing in a balance:the perception is dawning to every one that there is a much bigger picture; all souls are NOW anchored into the 5th D grid with Gaia, solar system, galaxy's and local universe. It's done!

There is still six weeks to the 888 Lion Gate portal, during this time the core anchoring will grow exponentially when it will be uniquely planted into every soul, molecule and atom down to the smallest at the time of the Lion Gate.

It gives a way to create a new path bring the energy into harmony with the resonation of Gaia's new frequency; we are ALL part of the grand plan and each one is important to its success its happening on many levels of the multi Dimensions of the divine light. Thank you. Be love; Be light; Be happy.





通靈:Barbara Neville
翻譯:Nick Chan




















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