Beloved Ones,


I come on the wings of love! The transforming effects of the ever increasing energies that are inundating our planet are difficult for many people to endure. However, it is something that cannot be avoided and everyone upon the planet has to go through the process. We observe from the higher realms and we are so very proud of each one of you, for we know it is difficult during these times of great change and chaos. There are so many changes occurring that even the unawakened ones are beginning to see the larger picture – that there is something momentous occurring on the world on which they live.


All of the forces of nature are cleansing every part of the world. Mother Nature and all of her elementals are at work to cleanse and heal and restore the purity and the integrity of the planet on which ALL live. It behooves each of the Lightworkers to begin to implement daily invocations to join in unity with the elementals of the air, fire, water, earth and cosmic elements. This is very important – they must be included.


This will help to calm the energies – it may not do so instantly but it will help for them to know that humanity does recognize their input and their important contribution to the well-being of this planet and its inhabitants. The unseen inhabitants of the planet Earth must also be included and recognized as being part of the Oneness of All That Is. It also helps to acknowledge that the animal kingdoms, the creatures of the sea, the birds, insects, plant life, mineral life and sub-atomic life also be included. All of these kingdoms encompass the entirety of your planet and All That Is.


The higher aspects of your being are slowly embodying your physical being. This is evident by the feeling of the expansion just above your solar plexus area – this is the area of your core star where your soul anchors into your physical body. It is important to recognize this feeling of expansion and give gratitude and thanks and to keep the promise to do everything that you personally can to align to the higher aspects of your being – your Divine Self – in order that integration takes place in grace and ease. Begin to recognize this connection that is occurring in all that you do.

Bring in your higher aspect when you perform your decrees each day. Visualize a vortex of diamond Light coming through your voice, your mouth, as you say the words of your decrees. This will increase its power and effectiveness. Use this power only for the highest good of all as you decree. This will encourage a more powerful effect on others and so caution must be exercised. Misuse of power will not work for anyone's benefit.


Everything that you, the Lightworker, does from this point on, is always with the intention that it be for the highest good of all. It is important to realize at this time that you, through your disciplines through all the many years of being a Lightworker, has made you a very powerful being and you are connecting with the higher aspects and other aspects of your being that are even more powerful. This is one of the benefits of all the exercises and disciplines that you have been performing. Knowing this and embracing this, you can become ever more powerful in all that you do each day. It is a choice that is made by each one.


Remember, that you are not alone! As you have gained in power, so you have gained legions of Light - angelic beings who work with you as you go about your daily life. Always be kind to yourself and to others for it is very needed during these times.

Until next month…


I AM Hilarion






cMarlene Swetlishoff/Tsu tama.






















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