Something is going on. You feel different. And you feel more and more different each day, different from the self that you have always known yourself as. You can't explain it, not even to yourself. Why did you just say that – or do that? That is not the you that you are so used to. Is it? Is it?

And you are feeling differently, too. How? You don't really know… just different somehow.

We told you that you were changing. You may even have thought"Good!"But you had a picture in your mind of what that would mean, didn't you? Well, surprise! And the reason for that is that your picture could only have been based upon past history, past preferences, etc. The person that you are becoming is the true person that has never been taught, shaped, nor allowed by this world. It is the person whom you TRULY are.

But this is a process. However, the process has now reached a point, and accelerated to a point, that it is beginning to be noticeable, even to you. We say even to you because you are in your own head every moment and therefore changes are more easily missed. If you only saw yourself once a month, the changes would be more remarkable.

Now, lest you "freak out' – you have some sayings that make us chuckle – let us point out emphatically that nothing is being done to you. You are becoming the one whom you have come here to be, chosen to become, and awaited for lifetimes. You are uneasy because you don't know where this is going. But the YOU that you are does know. Trust yourself. Trust yourself.

What is happening is that all of those deep longings that you have lived with are going to be an everyday part of your life. Do you know what will amaze you? Other things that you never thought of or even believed possible will also come into your world of possibilities – and then become a part of your life, if you want them to be.

Pie in the sky dreams? Yes, in the old world they would have been. That world is passing. You are now living in a soup of energy that has never been present on your world before. That also seems to be one of those "whacky' promises, does it not?

Well here is a promise you can check on. The world you live in twelve months from now will be far different from the world of today. Write the date down next to that promise and stick it on your refrigerator door.

Now, how can we make predictions like that? We can make them because we can see the changes you are making within. We can see your intentions. And we can see, whether you can or not, that your world is made of what you are and what you intend. And as you change and become more and more aware, that power that you are will influence your world in a much more immediate fashion. As you learn to multiply that power by forming groups and communities of like intent, the effects will be even more magnified.

None of these things are at all new. But the awareness and application of them will be new. It will be the release of the genie from the lamp. Do you see? You are the lamp. You are the genie. Give yourselves a sneaky little rub.






通靈:Ron Head
翻譯:Nick Chan






















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