Change is such a vital part of your enlightenment journey, yet so many of you have negative feelings, fear, or resistance towards change. So we suggest, why not substitute the word change for something else that feels better to you, that you find easier to embrace?

Feel into it. Check in with your body. Try on different words. Find which one feels best to you. Is it expansion? Freedom? Metamorphosis? Transformation? Advancement? Shift? Refinement? Betterment? Unfoldment?

You could even get playful and make up a word if you like! Get creative. Have fun. Make it something that is light feeling and something you would always feel open to. This is another wonderful way to shepherd yourself as the right word will foster cooperation from your inner child and ego self.

You get to rewrite your script, Dear Ones. As your own loving parent, guide, and expert on you, you can choose new ways to present things to yourself that work best for you and support your joyful forward movement. ~Archangel Gabriel





Shelley's note:There will be no daily message Monday August 27. They will resume as usual on Tuesday August 28. For fun, why not ask Gabriel what message he has for you that day and see what you receive?






Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
翻譯:Nick Chan

































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