God said:

How can you be true to yourself when you cannot accept the Truth of what has always been and that you have not yet been able to see?

Much of the time you may well believe that you are on a Desert Island called Life all by yourself. You may believe that Oneness is Aloneness, and you have had enough of Aloneness your whole life long. You may see yourself as apart from life rather than a part of life where dreams come true and you are a valued human being.

You may feel that the worst is yet to come. Of course, you don"t like such a picture. You don"t like to think about it, and you would do everything to prevent yourself from thinking about the doom you have cast before yourself if you but could. Cast flower petals instead.

You mean to be patient with Me, yet you may think you know more than I do. You may think perhaps that I am a doddering old God Who makes up stories. Meanwhile, you nod your head courteously while you tap your foot and your fingers too.

You abide in a beautiful glade rife with life. You overlook this. You see in 3-D. You can"t seem to get over your old beliefs dripping with tears. You hold an old mind-set. Get past it.

You have moved up in life. You have gone through other dimensions. Take another look. Pull away the veils that cover your happiness. Stop trudging up the same hills and rolling down again.

There is more than a Great Horizon before you. You are beyond the Horizon. You are way ahead of yourself. You are already Over the Rainbow. You are free to disband old ideas and welcome the new.

Come with Me. Be with Me. I hold out My hand to you. I will carry you over all the obstacles that you imagine. Enough of taking obstacles as true. They are not Reality.

You are Wealthy with Life. Your wallet is full, yet you just don"t see. Reach your hand in, for all your dreams are true. Reach in. Love is True. You are Love, yet you may keep love away from you, just out of reach. You may be like a firecracker that just won"t go off.

You are My Dream, and I am a Well-Wisher. I am more than a Well-Wisher. I am the Door you are to walk through. This Way to Life. Life is on the Rise. I massage your heart right now. Angels are eager to lift you up. Let angels lift your thoughts. If you want to rise, get up from your old thoughts. Turn around on a dime. Part the Curtains of Life and see the joy – yes, joy – that surrounds you. Enter into joy. No longer keep yourself at bay.

Good, you"re tired of the past. Leave it. Enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Claim Heaven and the Adventure of Life on Earth before you. Claim what is yours. Reach your hand out. Discover your Voice, and sing to your heart"s content.

Consider that you may have miscued yourself. There is a Whole World of Love before you. Step right up. Exceed your expectations. It is your expectations that lag.

It is not that you are to keep up with trends. Keep up with Truth. Truth is not behind you. Truth is right here a hand"s reach before you. You are steeped in Truth.

Come, fly away with Me. Venture forth with Me. This is not escape. This is Truth. Accept the love that is yours. Know that Great Love is right at your doorstep. Wipe your tears. Clear your vision.The best is yet to come. You have imbibed enough of what you don"t want.

Drink the fresh water. The best is already here. Avail yourself of it. You are not what you thought. You never were what you thought. Catch up with yourself. Catch up with Me. Give Me your hand. Tour the world with Me as your Host. Hop aboard, as We set sail for Love which is the Truth of you. The Truth of you is what you seek. Have Truth now. Reach out. Open your hand. Accept the jewels I offer you. Right now.






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