God said:

Maybe you don"t have any difficulties right now, yet life has had its bumps for you. You may be flying high today. At the same time, you can bet that there are those who are besieged with what the world identifies as difficulties. Every Heavenletter is for you sometime somewhere in your life.

If you are without what strikes you as misfortune, keep it up! Stay that way.

And if you are with what strikes you as misfortune, to whatever degree, turn the idea of misfortune into the idea of blessings to come. Be ready for good fortune. Good fortune falls to everyone too.

You got this far. I say you came shining through. The long and the short of it is that you are the one who diagnoses yourself as downhearted or oppressed.

You know very well that you may feel depressed or defeated or deflated today. Tomorrow nothing on the outside may have changed, yet tomorrow you could simply feel better. Your thoughts are the metronome of your mood of good cheer and equally of despair.

Of course, you may well argue this, yet what"s the point? How does arguing the merit of your reasons for despair reduce despair? Hardly.

Work for yourself, and not against yourself.Bless the world, and bless yourself.

If you are paddling a canoe on a river and you have a choice of paddling uphill or downhill, would you insist on paddling uphill? When you can change directions, why on Earth wouldn"t you? Would you really hold onto to an unhelpful idea when there are helpful ideas to choose from? Instead of holding fast to an old worn-out idea that digs you deeper into the doldrums, choose anew. What is common sense, after all?

What I suggest is indeed being realistic. If you would truly like a change in the temperament of your life, this is indeed realistic.

If your present life is just the way you want it, more power to you. If your present life is not the way you want it, why on Earth are you holding on to it? For Heaven"s sakes, if you have a car that won"t start and you have tried again and again, why not do something else besides what you have been trying for so long?

I will repeat that life isn"t something to hold onto and keep as it has been. If your life has been downward and you want to go forward, there are some changes for you to make. The changes are most often in the way you think. There is a dial for you to turn.

If you feel you are a victim of life, switch your thinking. Moderate your thinking. You don"t have to keep thinking the way you have been thinking. Frankly, you are not smarter than everyone else, and you have a way to go to catch up to My thinking and My vision. Get started.

Be open to new thinking.

Life changes. Help life to veer in the direction you want to go. You are not helpless, nor are you to be without hope.  I am telling you that you have the ability to change the climate of your life. It is an uncomplicated process to untwist your life. The formula is simple. If you want to turn your life around, turn your thoughts around. You would already use this simple formula if you were not so eager to be stubborn. If you have dug yourself in, now dig yourself out.

If you are sick in bed, by what law must you stay ill? It is not a miracle when you get well. It is not a huge effort to get well. It is not at all a certainty that you have to stay ill. Who says you have to stay ill?

Do not underestimate the power of the mind. Do not underestimate the power of your mind.

"As a man thinketh."



























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