God said:

When you are Godwriting, you don"t have to choose a topic. You don"t have to have a pressing need. You don"t have to pull out an agenda or a list of questions to ask. I am a God who does more than respond to your limited questions, and you are to be just an ordinary person intending to hear from Me which is My Godwriting to you. You pick it up. Your wanting to hear Me is a blessing any way you slice it.

What is Godwriting but your openness to hearing what I have to say?

Listen to this about Our relationship:

It"s true that I am your Servant. I am your Servant, far more than you know. At the same time, you aren"t My Enforcer. I am not obliged to do your bidding. Of course, you have sometimes thought that you are supposed to order the menu of life as you wish, and I am to hand you your desires on a silver platter. If I don"t, you may think I am in the wrong. It is all well and good to be confident, yet confidence doesn"t mean that everything has to go your way.
事實上我的確是你們的公僕。我是你們的公僕, 遠勝於你所能瞭解到的。然而,你並不是我的監工。我不會被迫聽命於你。當然,你們有時會認為可以按照自己的意願給生活隨意下菜單,而我應該為你兌現你之所需。如果我沒有做到,我該受到責備。自信固然很好,但是自信並不意味著所有事情都要順從你的意願。

When you are sure that your will ought to be followed over Mine, you may come across as arrogant. The exact opposite of arrogant is not exactly meek, not obsequious, but more like humble. There is a certain haughtiness when you are sure your desires are to be well-met.

Humility is not being mousy. Humility is not having to be the kingpin. Humility is knowing that even a good life doesn"t have to go according to what you prefer. It isn"t that everything in life has to go your way, nor does it mean that I have been remiss. Nor are you to consider yourself a victim of disservice because My Will, as you perceive it, was done and your will was not.

True, I am your servant, and I am glad to be. I serve you. Yet I am not your valet, nor am I your nursemaid. I am more than a wishing well.

You may have been considering me like a mailman who, by law, must bring you the letters and news you want at a certain time and no leeway for the mailman to leave you anything that isn"t on your favorite list.

When you live long enough, from your perspective, you lose loved ones through death who move on to live in a foreign land far away from you. Death seems unkind to you. You wonder where My heart is when I do not answer your pleas for leniency.

Dear Ones, it is not for you to instruct Me. It is not for you to second-guess Me. It certainly is not for you to offer Me sage advice.

The sage advice I give you has nothing to do with ego. Of course, no one wants to be denied anything. When you take yourself and your life so personally, and you don"t want to hear what is, odds are that your sensitivity is a break-out of ego.

Yet, as life comes before you, it is not usually in your favor to be granted special favors or exemptions. "Tis wiser for you to come from a different vision. Certainly, when you see yourself wounded, this seems real to you. Woundedness is reality only on a surface level.

There is, however, another level to come from, and another and another. You are in the process of seeing life from a certain angle, and you often protest what you see. Come now, see higher. What you make of life is not a permanent state. Climb higher, and you naturally come to see life from a higher vibration and with greater clarity.

What you see as dreadful is how you look at it.

Certainly, you don"t have to see the way you used to. Why on Earth would you want to hold onto a most likely lesser consciousness?






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