God said:

Whatever is on your mind does not have to stay on your mind. At the same time, you don"t have to shoo away what"s on your mind either. You don"t have to make too much of your thoughts, nor do you have to push them away.

Naturally, you desire to find the answers to life. You toss many balls of thought up into the air. All of your thoughts are toss-ups. You catch what you catch, and the ones you don"t catch fall where they may.

To you, this may seem like a penalty, yet, all this is life. Wherever the chips fall, it is life. This IS life. This is life as it is on Earth. Of course, you raise your eyebrows at the idea of life"s letting you down! Life on Earth is momentous to you. Life is of the utmost importance. Life is made of highs and lows. For many of My children, a milder balance of life doesn"t seem to exist, or it gets too hum-drum for words. You may like the pot to be stirred and come to a boil.

When you make pancakes in the morning, however the pancakes turn out, they are pancakes and no more. Pancakes can"t be more than pancakes. This is a workable way to deal with life. Life is what it is when it is. C"est la vie.

When the chips fall where they may, you are free to pick up the chips that fall where they may, yet what are you going to do with the chips now? It could be a good idea to toss them away. Their time has passed. Your time is now.

On the other hand, some of the dropped balls can come back to life. An old romance may rekindle itself. Even an old romance renewed is moving forward. The theme of life is moving forward. Say Ahoy to life.

Life can change of its own accord, and then you can run with it, yet it is not for you to walk backwards. Of course, you don"t want your life to be a matter of your picking up old cigarette butts.

We are talking about living life as it comes. You cannot prevent life. Life comes bidden or unbidden. If life were hockey, you have control of the puck some of the time but not always. You play the whole game, yet you cannot foresee all the plays. You can do only do what you can with what you have at the moment you have it.

Life is a foray. Life is made up of so many expected and unexpected things. You can only know how a play turns out as it is played. Even then, the winds can change and change again.

Success is not always something that goes according to results. You could make all the right plays, and yet the outcome may not be at all what you desired. On the other hand, you could make mistake after mistake, and the outcome comes out just right.

As in all life, you don"t want to judge. Take all that life delivers with good grace. Be an equal opportunity employer.

Life itself does not mean to be competitive with you. You don"t have to be competitive with life. No one on Earth has the final say about life every time. Rather than your thinking in terms of winning or losing, consider simply thinking about living life. Make one of your high intentions be to live life well to the best of your ability at every given moment. When life goes your way, hug it. When life does not go your way, shrug your shoulders then, and go on to your next task with a bounce in your step just the same.

Life is not obliged to be constant, yet you can always be well-mannered toward life and engage amicably with the next chapter in your life you come to — and with life as a whole.Say, "Aloha, Life."





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