God said:

Whether you are on dry ground or at sea, you ride the Waves of Life. You may feel like you are walking on stilts, yet you are swimming in the Ocean Blue. You are a swimmer of great magnitude. You are a Master of Divinity.

You minister to the world. You are at My right. I am ever at your side, and you are at Mine. There is no day without Each Other. No one is missing from My Heart.

You graduated long ago, even as you don"t quite get it yet. In fact, you are catching up to your Self. Get ready for more new surprises. Of course, a surprise has to be new in order to be a surprise. Know this, however, your development is no surprise to Me. All joy is Mine yet no surprise. I don"t require surprise. I am a Supreme Conductor of Life. I welcome All. Welcome to this Grand Party that I prepare in your Honor.

In your way, you have been working on this party with Me. You have been getting ready for your debut into the Real Goods of Life. Real Life has been calling you.

Your vision widens. You are beginning to see greater. Soon you will embrace inward and outward as the same. You are Light of Foot and you are ready, set, go. You are a thought of yourself.

You are letting go of boundaries. You do not need to hold on to them any longer. You never did. No longer do you require ballast. You require Freedom. You are reeling in freedom. Freedom is going to pour out of you. Vines are no longer underfoot.

You do not as yet quite realize that you are two feet above the Earth, and you walk on air. Truth has not yet quite caught up to you at the same time as you no longer run away from it. Oh, yes, bask in the Sun of Truth. Let the Light of the Sun lead you by the hand.

You are no longer in an imagined dense forest. You never were. You had the idea that you were. Of course, you have had many ideas that don"t add up. You no longer hold on to those ideas as if you were in a maze. You dwell in Sunlight now. You have arrived at the Door of What Is Next. I admit you in now. Enter.

This is where I live and where you long to be and where you belong and where you really are. Where else could you belong but with Me? Where I AM is your home. Does your True Home not feel familiar to you? Have you not suspected your True Existence for quite a while?

This is just your next step. You don"t even need a key, for you, your Self – you are the key.

I have been waiting for you. You have come at your own pace. You no longer put off this day. You accept My invitation. This is a day I have long been awaiting. You may be on pins and needles.

There is nothing that will hold you back now.

You have already entered the Palace of My Heart.

Of course, you may sit in the Vestibule of My Palace for a while. You are free to. You don"t have to. You do not need to hold your hat in your hand waiting for Me. You are here, and here you are, inside My heart.

You are not festooned. You never had to get dressed up for Me in pantaloons or silk. All the while, all you had to do was to walk in. Never were there locks or bolts. Always you are welcomed. Always the door to My Heart has been wide open.

Come, walk on the Carpet of My Love and enter. I have been waiting for you. You are here now. Now, stay with Me.






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