God said:

Get over your old feelings from the past. Don"t hold them to you as if they were precious. I speak of old heavy-duty rejection and dejection from childhood that you bring up to the present, feelings that reverberate within you now, a feeling that you won"t be liked, or won"t be liked for long, perhaps belief in others" seeming view that you are inadequate and unloved, and that you may hold to you as if you do well to hug these errant impressions.

You have had love, dear ones, yet great love in your childhood was not as prevalent as We would wish. Insecurity came from one place or another, yet not from everywhere. You accrued a belief that you were not acceptable. These feelings were not useful to you then, and they are worthless to you now. Let go of them now. Those who gave you those impressions cannot let go of your feelings about yourself now.

You are My child, and I love you. What other people thought about you once upon a time had nothing to do with you. Nothing. The feelings you engendered from those times were unjust and unwarranted. You were judged and judged falsely. You took these false judgments as photos of you. You never forgot these photos. The pictures taken entered your blood stream, your cells, your heart, when, all the while, they were another"s errors of understanding.

You were and are My child, and you were and are to be loved.

At the very least, do it for Me and behold yourself with love.

To be sure, there was an edge in your childhood, and it cut your heart. Truly, there is no reason to open and reopen that cut. If you had known then what you know now, you would not have absorbed the world"s fallacies as if they were creditable. You would not.

If someone is stand-offish to you now, must you let it ruin your day? Because someone else is troubled or foolish, why should you ruin your lovely time here on Earth for old time"s sakes? Enough from the past.

From your consciousness, now you associate with Me. I always associated with you. As it happens, you may not as yet have started looking up. You were coiled up in the world, and the world was not always looking up at the sun. The world just didn"t know any better. Once you didn"t know any better than to absorb criticism.

You know better now. Others" stares or withdrawal of favorable attention has nothing to do with you. Others" shadowy views alit on you. You were not wrong to be you. You were a child. The ones who viewed you may have looked amiss at you for your race or other such nonsense or simply because their day was hard on them, or just because you were a vulnerable child.

I apologize to you for everyone who was ever ungenerous to you.






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