God said:

Every Soul on Earth craves to be nourished with Love. Without a sense of Love on the Rise, the hearts of My children engage in a frenzy of trying to get love poured on them, or they withdraw their love, and their hearts become freeze-dried. A sense of absence of Love paralyzes the lovelorn.

You may panic about love not given, or you panic about love taken back, or you hasten to desensitize your heart of love with the idea that, somehow, love is not meant for you. For others, perhaps, yet not for you.

Of course, you are meant for love. You may have experienced life in such a way that you accept that love is not for you and dare hope no longer. You turn your back on love. Love and its lack have done their number on you. You resign to the idea that love, True Human Love, is not possible for you. You may tell yourself you have been spared, for who would want a perennially broken heart in one form or another, anyway? What good is love grown cold?

Most important to your life on Earth is the state of your heart. Hearts are meant to be vibrant. May more love reach you abundantly. May you, yourself, initiate love. Engage your heart in giving love. It is for you to have all the love in world to give.

Beloveds, burst open the dams of your heart.

Love does not have to be such a personal matter as you have made it to be. You are aware that you can"t demand love, and yet you feel you must have it. In a vise, you may feel that you have to have love spilling all over you. You will accept no substitute, and yet you may sweep all kinds of substitutes to you and forswear love.

Perhaps you accept mourning instead of love and see yourself wounded. Perhaps, you let a pitiful moiling sense of lack of love fill in for love. Perhaps you feel you have been betrayed because the love you once felt in your heart did not hold true.

Never once has life kept up with your craving for long-lasting abounding love overflowing from the vessel of your heart. You mourn for your once-throbbing heart. You feel abandoned, and so you abandon personal love that was once your every breath, once your everything, which turned into dust.

What once portrayed itself as love turned out to be a once-fond memory best forgotten. In fact, love has been so disappointing that you can"t bear to go through painful love again. What you thought was great love in your life, didn"t come to pass.

The great devastation is that your heart is shorn of love. Your life without love is barren. You don"t want to have anything more to do with love at the same time as love is all you want, yet the love in your life does not seem to exist anywhere at all. Maybe some people have enduring love, but not you. You just don"t. You don"t know how to find true love. You never have.

What can My children do about absence of love? You know it is unwise to mourn your life away. Mourning and sense of self-pity don"t get you anywhere. Hitting rock-bottom doesn"t present you with a good view.

No matter how you may try, you would love to know love, yet, you shake your head, for love is not for you.

And then you hear an old song that says that love is all there is. And, furthermore, you hear Me say that same refrain again and again.

You find yourself coming back to:"Where is my love then? Where is my share of love? Where is it? Love doesn"t exist. Love doesn"t exist for me. Where is my joy in love?"

You hear Me persist as I tell you that you are love, that you are made of love, My Love. Love is who you are. You are nothing but love. Remove all the barriers you have put up to defend yourself from love. Love now. Do not save love for sometime or another.

You don"t buy into the idea that it is better to have loved than to never have loved at all. You know that you have never loved the way love is meant to be expressed. You cry for more than a lost love. You cry for your heart that has grappled for love, yet has been without. You cry that love has absented your heart. You cry that you have never loved as love is meant to be.


Well, then, what do you do now?

Now, you begin. Open your heart. Give love.





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