God said:

Tra la la. All is well. Whatever may trouble you is on its way out. Any turmoil within you is going away. Any angst within you is going away. Turmoil and angst are waving goodbye to you now. Whatever your favorite names for these troublesome thoughts may be, they want your attention at least one more time before they fade into the sunset. They know that the climate will no longer support them.

Turmoil, angst, worry, woe, trauma, despair and other such phantoms have been your teachers. They have made clear to you what you don"t want. You are not meant to become attached to that passing crowd. You don"t need them at all. You certainly don"t need them to rub it in when you are in an uncomfortable position. There is the uncomfortable position, and there are your reconnoitering thoughts. You don"t need to listen to anything your nagging thoughts  have to tell you. You don"t need these thoughts at all. They are the ones who put salt on your wounds. They are your drama teachers.

They don"t do it on your behalf certainly, yet you may have pledged some kind of allegiance to them, as if you are bound to them, as if they are essential to your Being, as though they are guests you must be hospitable to. They are not necessary. True, you do know you are alive when you feel subject to such forces, even as you hear Me in the background telling you that your position is in not something encroaching on you. It is something you are supporting. It is not to your advantage to cultivate that which is an obstacle to you. It is you, beloveds, who drive yourself to distraction. It is you who perceive as you perceive, and it is you who act on what you perceive.

Turmoil and all have been your cheerleaders, yet they are not you, and they are not your masters. You are you. If you don"t want what they offer you, shake your head no and accept peace.  

If you want to hitch a ride with someone, hitch a ride with angels who don"t long to see you frazzled and weeping, undone, so to speak. Angels will lift you higher. They are high-steppers. Instead of moaning and groaning, mingle with the angels, for angels are more firmly based than you are by far when you are in a state of suffering or in a state of fearing suffering.

You would not run into the arms of a huge bear in the woods. You would stay out of his way. You would not offer yourself to a crowd of bees ready to bite. You would run the other way, yet you look to anxiety and other worrisome thoughts as if they will take care of you and carry you through whatever you are going through. What else are trepidation and worry but worrisome thoughts?

Concede that you choose false friends when you choose concern and all its relatives. Have you really thought you have no choice? You make a choice every other minute. Surely you can choose on whose shoulder you will lay down your head. You can choose the wild bees, or you can choose confidence. You can decide your thoughts. The wild bees of thoughts you persist in keeping around, you can boot out and get along very well without. The bees of thought can catch on and choose to not hang around you any longer and look for greener fields to graze in.

Join with me, beloveds. A heyday is coming up. You will be rejoicing, for woes are taking a leave of absence. You are excusing woes from your presence. Dear loved ones will still leave their bodies and you will still want them back here on Earth with you, yet the busy bees of thought won"t stand a chance with you any longer, for you will be listening to a different drummer.






翻譯:Nick Chan


























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