So many of you, with your beautiful, tender hearts, wish to make a difference in the world, yet you aren"t quite sure how.You feel you don"t have the skills, or the training, the authority, or perhaps the resources to do so. Let us assure you that is not the case at all!

There are many different ways to be of service on your planet, Dear Ones, but all roads lead back to love. Love is your superpower and it is at the core of every single act of kindness, service, and beingness you could imagine. Choosing to show up as the love, to anchor the love, and express the love is all that is ever required to make a difference.

Love is your divine essence and available to you whenever you choose. There is no special training required to open your heart and let it flow other than your intention to do so and your willingness to remember that it is always an option to you.

So surrender into the flow of love. Be a giver of love and a receiver of love, and know that will always be more than enough, for each choice of love you make allows you to become a beautiful conduit of the most important element there is and lets your beingness be your action. ~Archangel Gabriel











Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
翻譯:Nick Chan


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