We speak so often of the importance of trust.It is an absolutely essential element for your spiritual journey. But there can be a shadow side of trust and that is what we would like to address today.

Trust is a power tool when it is used in an empowered way for co-creation. This means seeing yourself as an equally important partner in creation and taking those steps to do everything you can from your end. This involves staying in surrender and flow, watching for and following the signs, synchronicities, and inspirations as they come into your awareness, and being poised to move with what the energies are supporting.

If no movement is energetically supported, you still stay in the space of openness, acceptance, and willing expansion, allowing the unfoldment and continuing to explore how you can add to it from your end without trying to force or control things.

So how do you know if you have slipped into the shadow side of trust? If you are passively sitting, not taking any action to continue to expand and grow, and are waiting to be rescued. Any time you are wishing to be rescued, you are not embracing your authentic power.

We understand it can feel a bit confusing as you first step into co-creating, Dear Ones, but if you are always looking at it from an empowered space and using the tools outlined above, you will be moving with the energies beautifully.

You are learning this as a new skill and like anything else, with practice you will get better and better at it. With your awareness you will begin to identify and recognize the subtleties of co-creation and will find yourself getting much more adept at embracing your own sovereignty. ~Archangel Gabriel







Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young
翻譯:Nick Chan

Ask Gabriel(請問加百利):
























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