Each soul is in a different stage of their personal development, and the evolutionary gap between Starseeds and the unawakened can be significant.

Trying to help our brothers and sisters awaken to deeper truths can be like trying to teach a baby how to read books, or trying to explain quantum physics to a toddler.We simply cannot make others understand more than they're prepared to receive.

What we can do is to focus on our own spiritual growth, on our own balance and on raising our own vibrations to align with the ascension waves.

Now more than ever, we have to remain focused on the bigger picture.Our current job is to set our intentions clearly each day to be focused on unconditional love while emanating peace and harmony.

Much is occurring as the many hidden truths come forward.Our role as lightworkers is to avoid becoming caught up and distracted by the growing chaos and turmoil.

Most of us are already aware of many of the dark secrets that will soon be surfacing globally, so it doesn't serve us to focus our attention on them.That would only stop us from moving forward.

Most of us are veterans in this process.We've been aware of the not-so-obvious forces at play behind the scenes and have already become familiar with the dark truths on the planet.There's no more need for us to pay much attention to those misdeeds, lies and desperate efforts to control Humanity.

Our mission is to be the bearers of hope and peace in the midst of the coming turmoil.When certain truths are made public, there's going to be uproar and unrest among those who've been deeply asleep.They'll be having their belief systems turned upside down, and it's all part of the infinite Plan.

Our role is to remain neutral, radiating out harmony to all Humanity.

If someone seeks us out requesting information or knowledge about what's really going on, then we'll share as intuition guides us to.

Otherwise, it's best to avoid distraction with whatever seems to be going on.We must keep focused on the bigger picture, on the real goal,on coming together as one Human family, as one Consciousness, as children of the Light.



作者:Monica Esgueva






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